Take a Hike

On my 25th birthday, I gave myself the gift of a sunrise.

I took my journal and a camera to the shore and sat on the rocks. It’s a glorious way to spend a morning.

Around these parts, the sun rises at about 5:00 am in late June. That hurts. But it pretty much guarantees that you are the only one there to see it…other than a stray fisherman or two and they don’t bother anybody.

It was such a fantastic experience that I have gone back almost every birthday since. Sometimes it’s too cloudy to see the sunrise, but it doesn’t matter. It’s one day out of the year when I can remember that I have a soul.

But I digress.

Saturday was our first wedding anniversary. Call me crazy, but I sort of had my heart set on spending it with my husband. The military had other ideas. That hurt, too.

Still, I needed to make it special.

A sunrise was out. That’s mine.

But hiking…hiking is ours. We met hiking. He proposed to me on a hike. We had a hiking-themed reception. Hiking was something I could do to feel connected to him.

So I took our dog and a camera and climbed a nearby hill. Despite it being early March, the weather obliged.

Owen on Hill O

Do not adjust your set. The topsy-turvy horizon is due to the fact that I was juggling a leash, a camera and a dog treat. No earthquakes were used in the making of this blog.

Me and Owen on Hill O

It was a glorious way to spend a morning.

Muddy Owen

Albeit a wet and muddy one.

Note to self: next time, bring a towel. Or a bathtub. Or maybe a pressure washer.


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