Hiatus, Part II

On Thursday, May 13th, my husband left the post where he had been waiting – for seven days – for a helicopter to take him to Bagram. During the first few of those seven days, our phone calls started like this:

Me:  Hello?

T:  Hi, baby! Guess where I am?

Me (hopefully):  Bagram?

T:  Nope!

Me (deflating):  Gardez?

T:  Nope! I’m still here.

Then I would put the disappointment aside and we would talk for a few minutes about how much fun we were going to have once he was finally home for his two weeks of leave.

During the last few of those seven days, our phone calls went more like this:

Me:  Hello?

T:  Hi, baby! Guess where I am?

Me:  Will you stop doing that?! It’s annoying.

Miraculously, once the bird did show up, it took T less than a day to make his way over to Bagram. Now, if he could only get a flight to Kuwait on the next day and then get a flight out of there right away, he could still be home by Sunday. But more likely Monday. Maybe.

Too many variables. I like clear-cut. This was more like clear as mud.

On Friday, I told my boss that I might be in on Monday, but it could be just for the morning because I would probably be picking up my husband in the afternoon. Fortunately, he was very understanding.

On Saturday, I got an email from T saying that not one, but two flights out of Bagram had been cancelled, but he’d finally arrived in Qatar. He was now headed to Kuwait. I buried myself in more housework. I raked the yard. I took the trash to the dump. I checked my email five thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven times. I crawled, exhausted, into bed that night hoping for good news in the morning.

On Sunday, I got this email:

Made it through customs in Kuwait, now in lockdown area waiting for flight. Expect to make our way to the plane sometime between 8 and 10 PM local time (1 to 3 PM your time). That means I should be in the States by tomorrow morning.

And that meant that on Monday afternoon I would be picking up my husband from the airport! I could feel the warmth of his arms around me already, smell his heady scent, picture his clear blue eyes.

I didn’t think I could wait one more second to hold him, but somehow, I had to wait another day. Well, I’d waited four and a half months. What’s another 24 hours, right?

To be continued…


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