One Little Pepper and How it Grew

Deployment is an invasive little critter. It can creep into your thoughts when you are least expecting it.

This morning I was sitting outside in my dilapidated lounge chair, enjoying a book and a cup of green tea. Owen was lying in the grass a few feet away, pointing his ears at various chirps and rustles. A woodsy breeze blew through the treetops, cool now, but with the promise of coming heat.

I was content.

Or I thought I was. As I sighed and looked up, I noticed a single green pod had sprouted from my banana pepper plant. It hung there, swaying in a sea of green, shining with life. I was mesmerized.

And then my heart broke.

T would never see this tiny pepper, I thought. The riotous growth of summer will long since have faded into the browns of fall and even the chill of winter by the time he re-enters this life. This is not a new thought, but every once in a while it pounces unexpectedly and it gets no weaker with repetition.

Last deployment, I would have stopped there. But, I am – I think – learning some patience and some resiliency. My next thought was, Well, I guess this is what my blog is for.

Banana Pepper

Guess what, baby? We have a banana pepper!

Side note: It took me 13 tries to get this photograph and while I was outside with my camera, the dog was inside eating cat litter and the cat was throwing up on the rug.

Our pets have an almost intuitive knack for distracting me from deployment sadness. I’m trying to decide whether or not I’m grateful for this.

 Happy Fourth, everyone!


3 responses to “One Little Pepper and How it Grew

  1. Michelle Brown

    I loved the comment about the pets! It is true, little distractions make things more bearable during a deployment. When my husband was deployed, my neighbors (whose husbands were also deployed) would take turns cooking dinner for each other. Every week we would gather at each other’s houses. The kids would play, and we would laugh, cry and encourage each other.

    Great post, and my prayers go out to you and your family.

  2. Continue to capture these little moments. Your words and pictures will keep them valid.

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