At the Beach

Back when T was home on leave – it seems so long ago now – we took Owen to the beach. He may have been to the ocean with his previous owners, but judging by his former 82-pound weight, I’m thinking he really didn’t do much of anything. At any rate, this was his first time at the shore with us, so we were excited to see how he would react to the waves and the water.

He did not disappoint.

He trotted straight to the water’s edge and looked out at the crashing surf, ears alert and tail held high. When the first wave approached, he ran alongside of it until it caught him. Then he tried to bite it away, but he got a face full.

Ah! A challenge!

Now he was amped up. While I manned the 30′ training leash, T tried to take some pictures of the rampaging rhino. Try being the operative word.

I love my husband very dearly and he has many talents, but photography is not one of them.

Owen's Tail

It’s just really not.

Owen's head

We switched roles. I’m certainly not a professional by any stretch of the imagination, but I can generally get the entire subject in the frame.

Owen in the waves

I mean, I’m not bragging or anything.

Chasing waves

Okay, I am, a little.

But the point is that Owen enjoyed the beach.

In the waves

He was SO happy.

Happy dog running

Happy to be at the beach.

Happy to be with his daddy.

T and Owen

Even if mommy does have to take all the pictures.


One response to “At the Beach

  1. Such a great story. Love the picture of Owen and his dad!!! You need to frame it. I assume the reason there is no pic of you and Owen is because it consisted of feet and paws. Yeah, we love T, but not the best picture taker. Can’t wait until he is home with you all.

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