Pepper Update

Remember this banana pepper?

Baby banana pepper

Now it looks like this:

Big banana pepper

Anyone know when to pick a banana pepper?

Anyone know when to pick a peck of pickled peppers?

Besides Peter Piper, I mean.

3 responses to “Pepper Update

  1. You should look at one of my favorite food blogs! She just did a post about peppers and asked people to give her questions. Maybe she can help??

  2. Annoyed Army Wife

    It looks great! I have no idea when to pick stuff! I spent a good portion of last night in my garden picking things. None of my bounty made it into the house – I just brushed off the cherry tomatoes and strawberries and they went straight into my mouth! LOL! They’re organic, so I’m sure it was safe…

  3. Your peppers look delicious! I just sent you an email that will hopefully help a bit. They look pretty darn good to me though! Let me know how they turn out!

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