Jam Session

Almost every summer my mom and I spend a day making jam. It’s a lovely mother-daughter experience that consists of us cursing and swearing in Italian when we burn our fingers on the hot jam jars or because the lids aren’t sealing properly.

It’s good times.

But the jam makes wonderful, delicious Christmas gifts, so it’s all worth it in the end. Besides, cursing and swearing is how Italians have fun.

This year, as I was contemplating which kind to make – my favorite is peach, but the real crowd pleaser is blueberry – I came up with what I thought was a really cute idea.

What if we made small jars of red, white and blue jam? I am not the patriotic type, so I honestly have no idea where this came from, but it seemed àpropos, considering the situation.

Red and blue were easy – strawberry and, of course, blueberry. But what would make a clearish or cream-colored jam? Annoyed Army Wife gave me the answer when she mentioned that she had canned some white peach jam last year.


My mom found some 4-ounce jelly jars for us and we were off! Last night we the finished up by making the blueberry.

red, white and blue jams

Now I need to come up with a clever way to “package” the three jams. We thought about getting different prints of red, white and blue material and cutting squares to cover the lids, but I’m not convinced that wouldn’t be overkill.

Besides, what I really need is something to put the jars in. Something red, white and blue, maybe? That’s going to be tough to find with all the fall items coming out now.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I have one:

If you’re going to make blueberry jam…

blueberry stains

…don’t wear your favorite pair of shorts.


5 responses to “Jam Session

  1. Oooh, I’ve wanted to try making jam for so long! I get so tempted every time I walk by mason jars at the store.

  2. Sweet! I also love how you call it jam and not jelly – I’m English, & had a little readjusting to do when I first moved to the US & discovered that jelly means very different things across the big river! You could also get copies of some of your favorite photos that would mean something to whomever you’re sending them to (pics of yourself or the pets if they’re going off to T?), & cut them into shape to fit on the lids. Sorry, I’m an amateur/hobby photographer so I rarely stop thinking about my photos! As for RW&B boxes – if you have a “Christmas Tree Shops” store or something similar near you, they’re usually perfect places for getting such boxes/packaging throughout the year.

  3. BASKETS from yard sales. If you have a paper shreader, push a few paper bags or used white envelopes for the perfect “filler” to keep things from clunking together. Tie a R/W/B ribbon on the top and done!

  4. Seriously. Between you and Annoyed Army Wife I have GOT to get on one of these Christmas jam gift lists!

    I have no packaging suggestions for you outside the fabric to cover the lids. Maybe you could do something like blue jam with a white fabric and red ribbon? Kind of get all the colors on one jam jar? Then you can change up the colors for the different jams…red jam, blue fabric, white ribbon, etc. That’s all I got though.

  5. So jealous! I’ve been wanting to make & can jam for a few years now. I’m such a visual person that I want to do it with someone before attempting it on my own. And I think baskets are a great idea to package them in!

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