Sugar Daddy

Between the dog crunching and munching and gnawing and sawing at a rawhide bone on the rug behind me, and the cat meowing in the hallway for his Second Supper (he’s part Hobbit), I’m finding it difficult to remember what it was I wanted to blog about tonight.

I think it had something to do with deployment, but that’s just a wild guess.

I would like to share that T’s long-awaited and long-overdue promotion finally, finally came through! Yay!

Did I mention it’s been a while in coming?

You see, a soldier in the Guard, no matter how deserving, can be promoted only if there is a position of that rank to fill. There hasn’t been an opening for T’s rank – or one that he was interested in, anyway – for quite a while now.

However, when a Guard unit deploys, they are put on Title 10 orders and are then considered active duty soldiers. At which point, they can be promoted a bit easier. That is my civilian understanding of things, anyway.

The possibility of a promotion was one of the few silver linings on the cloud of this deployment. I had hoped to see it happen much, much sooner, and not just for the money. Okay, mostly for the money. But T is very good at what he does. I’m proud of him no matter what rank he is, but it is nice to see some of his hard work paying off.

I’m very happy for him.

As proof, I offer this transcript of a conversation I had with my mother the other night while we were “jamming”.

My mom: Congratulations! That’s great! I’ll have to send him a card.

Me: A card?

My mom: Yeah! A “congratulations” card!

Me: I was going to send him a “Fork over the bucks, then, Pally,” card.

My mom: Tch! Sarah!

 The End


6 responses to “Sugar Daddy

  1. C got promoted while he was deployed. I thought it was funny that he didn’t really get to see his raise until he got home. I, however, got to enjoy it for the full time. C didn’t think it was very funny. =)

  2. Oh huge congratulations to T! That’s wonderful news. It must be so very frustrating for servicemembers & their families to have to just “wait” for what is deserved, & what would likely happen much more quickly in civilian careers. Great news for him – I hope they give him cake to celebrate :-)

  3. That is a mom thing….need a card. I always tell my boys the same thing. Now Sarah, about your comment……”Tch! Sarah!!! LOL!!!

  4. Hey lady – I think this is my new favorite blog!! You feel about your pets and hubby like I do about mine!! You writing is superb and I can’t wait to read more!!

  5. Yay!!! Congrats to T! It’s always great when the deserving people get their promotions!

    I am seriously in love with you! With your ability to can fruit into jam, your Lord of the Rings references and your sarcastic attitude I think I need to marry you myself. Move over T! LOL!!

  6. Congrats! :)

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