We Did It!

We did it: lame shoulder, sprained tail, sore neck and all! (I was the one with the sore neck – I slept wrong the night before.)

Yesterday was the 12th Annual Strut Your Mutt fundraiser and Owen and I not only walked the entire two-mile course, but we left most of the other entrants in the dust.

Not that we’re competitive or anything.

And it isn’t a race. It’s just a fun walk.

But if it had been a race, we probably would’ve won.

I’m just saying.

Where was I? Oh yes, the race. I mean, walk.

My fears of Owen’s shoulder holding him back were almost completely unfounded. He was so excited and distracted by the other dogs and people, that he forgot he even had a shoulder. And once we started walking, he wanted nothing more than to be at the head of the pack.

Well, you know what they say: if you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.

Starting Line

And they're off!

Did I mention we were Army proud? I was wearing a Red Friday t-shirt with T’s unit on it and Owen was wearing his “Proud ARMY Dog” shirt.

Yeah, we rule.

There were two flag-bearers leading the walk down the beach. We caught up to the first one before the end of the first mile.

Leading the pack

Excuse us! Coming through!

Owen was walking so fast I could barely keep up.

At the end of the first mile, we went down to the water’s edge. The nice shelter people had arranged doggy water stations all along the course, but Owen wanted to drink the salty sea water instead.


Mile 1

At the 1-mile mark.

 It was a nice time. Owen was happy to be outside and around other dogs. I was happy because he was happy. And the best part is, the shelter raised over $60,000 for their animals. This was their most successful event yet!

Thank you so much for helping us to help them. Your donations were much appreciated, as were your wonderfully kind words of encouragement. We thought of you all every step of the way!

Thank you!

Through your generous sponsorships, Owen and I raised a total of $420 for the cause. Because we raised over $100, we were given an AWS Strut Your Mutt t-shirt and a goody bag filled with treats and toys for Owen:


T-shirt and goody bag!

(Owen was a little worn out from his big day.)

Here’s what was in the bag:



The Planet Dog rubber ball smells like mint. I’ve been sniffing it like a cocaine addict since I pulled it out of the bag. Owen likes the squeaky toy.

Overall, Owen is still limping, but he seems to be doing a little better. I expected him to be sore and lame after the walk, but he was in great spirits today and tonight we took another almost 2-mile walk. I don’t know where this road will lead us, but I am still hopeful for a full (surgery-free) recovery for my brown-eared pal.

Thanks again for your heartfelt support. We truly appreciate it!

The End

With love, Sarah & Owen


8 responses to “We Did It!

  1. Great to hear how this went. I love Owen! Congrats to both of you.

  2. Hurray! I love that Owen thought it was a race! Such drive in that animal!

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I miss Planet Dog in Portland! We used to take Penny there every Saturday for their puppy Romprrr Room. They’re a great company!

  4. Congratulations to you both! I’m so glad it went so well – loving the photos too – beautiful coastal location. Owen’s “Proud Army Dog” jacket is fabulous, & I love seeing the photos of him strutting ahead of your camera with the lead outstretched – hilarious. Cute doggy bag that you both earned also – congrats on raising all that money for such a lovely cause. Thanks for sharing your day with us – I’m especially pleased that Owen’s shoulder held-out too. Fingers crossed that he continues to do so well.

  5. Congrats on finishing and hurray for Owen! Hope his shoulder doesnt start bothering him again!

  6. Hooray!! Congratulations you two!!! I’m so glad he did so well. He is such a gorgeous guy! Great job and those treats look awesome!

  7. What an amazing fundraiser!!!! I am loving this post :-)

  8. That looks like a fun day. I love how you two represented, too! Great pics…thanks for sharing them.

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