An “I Love Comments” Giveaway

One of the things I love most about posting a blog entry is checking back later for comments. (I may or may not be a tad obsessive about it. I can neither confirm nor deny whether I log in more than five times a day to look for new comments.)

Can’t help it, though. I love getting feedback on what I’ve written, I love learning whether you can – or can’t – relate, and I love reading your stories and experiences!

I even love checking my spam comments. I really do! They crack me up. My favorite one to date was one that read simply, “May I sex date you?”

Um, what?

Anyway, the point of the story is that I love comments! And to show my appreciation, I’m holding an “I Love Comments” Giveaway.

Right Now I have 321 approved comments (spam doesn’t count).

Approved Comments

The person who makes the 400th approved comment will receive a $25.00 gift card via email.

I’ll announce the winner 79 comments from now.

Thank you for reading – and commenting! – and Good Luck!


10 responses to “An “I Love Comments” Giveaway

  1. What a great idea! I’m also an obsessive comment checker…

  2. Wait! You don’t have your comments sent to your email? That’s what sent my obsessive compulsive comment checking into overdrive. I check my email no less than 46 times a day.

  3. Cool idea! Now, if only 77 people said that in front of me… :)

  4. Does it count if I comment 78 times (since there was already one comment made)? I love comments too, I get super excited when people like me! lol

  5. Who doesn’t love comments? They’re the best. Well, unless they’re crazy, obscene, or downright confusing (I’ve had my share of all of those.) True confession: one of my favorite things is to post at night (since so many readers are on the east coast) and then wake up to see how many comments I have. Silly, right? But all those emails pinging in…make me happy. :)

  6. May I sex date you?? Ha!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats great. I got one that said is name was Rip and he wanted my first born child!I nearly peed because it was so funny! Some spam is good for ya! He!!!

  7. add me to your comment list even though it’s far from the 400th comment.

  8. I totally missed this…not sure how that happened! This is a great idea:)

  9. Hehe! I love the sex dating! I’ve had a couple of oddball stalkers like that through Facebook over the past few months. I’m never sure whether to laugh or be mortified!

  10. Hahahaha! That’s awesome! I guess I have to keep reading to find out if you reached that yet. I am so behind on my blog reading due to my parents visiting for a week.

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