Young at Heart

Does this look like the face of a 39-year old to you?


No? Well, that’s because it’s not.

That picture was taken about five years ago and it was only today that my husband turned 39.

Though, as you may know, men never really grow up. With this in mind, I compiled a birthday package for him.

The contents:

Six Iron Man goody bags.

Goody bags

Each filled with candy, gum, peanuts, plastic army men and a cigar.


Silly presents (wrapped in Iron Man wrapping paper, of course).


And cake and frosting!

Jar cake

(For the jar cakes I semi-followed these instructions.)

The plot:

A few weeks ago, I emailed the commander and asked whether he’d be willing to receive this package and round up a few of the guys to embarrass T with a surprise birthday party. To my delight, he agreed to be in on the plan.

I also sent T a “regular” birthday package to throw him off the scent.

The result:

T called me yesterday and said, “I had a birthday party today.”

Yay! I was so glad that he was able to get together with some friends, have a few laughs and watch a cheesy Chuck Norris movie. (I love the $5 DVD bin at Walmart.) It made it a little easier to be apart on his birthday.

And I am now the bomb-diggity for (successfully) throwing my husband a surprise birthday party from thousands of miles away.

Happy Birthday, baby!


17 responses to “Young at Heart

  1. You are a truly wonderful person! Amazing that you could pull that off.

  2. Awesome! So, the cake turned out good? I wanted to do a practice run before OccDoc’s b-day just to make sure, but maybe I’ll use your cake as the practice. ;)

  3. That’s great! I love the cake jars…what an awesome idea!

  4. That is so AWESOME! He is a lucky man!!

  5. Nice! I would have not been so creative! I love schemes!

  6. Wow, you ARE the bomb-diggety. You are putting my birthday parties for my husband to shame…and he lives one foot away from me. Such a cute idea, I love how thoughtful you are!

  7. Care packages are definitely an art form! Good job with the surprise party. I’m impressed.

  8. This is a great idea! Too bad my husband would not appreciate but I will keep it in mind in case he ever changes his stance on birthdays.

  9. So happy for you to get this all done. If you can do it thousands of miles away, we can handle the Chuck E Cheese places of the world without a meltdown. I tell you, T keeps racking up the cakes from me when he gets back.

  10. Mr Mike woulda killed me if I had done something like that. He is so anti-social. I would have loved to plan something cute like that! His unit actually scheduled their R&R over the guys birth dates, so Mr Mike was home for his b-day during deployment. Although that meant his R&R was only two months into the deployment… I didnt even miss him yet! haha

    Happy b-day to T!

  11. How incredibly thoughtful of you! I love the cake idea!

  12. So glad all went as planned, hopefully photos will start trickling in too for us to continue sharing…

  13. You rock to pull off a birthday party across the ocean!

  14. Also, you have an award on my blog. No pressure to write out all those silly rules if you don’t wish to, though. I just wanted to pass the love along!

  15. Happy belated birthday T! What an awesome birthday box you put together for him, and such a lovely idea to contact his commander to arrange the surprise party – that brought a huge smile to my face, as I’m sure it did his too. I agree with you totally as well – men never really ever grow up, hehe!

  16. What an awesome idea! I’m so glad it worked out!!! I can’t believe the man is 39! Wow!! That’s only a year from 40! LOL! You need to post an updated picture when he gets home!

  17. Just saw this post today (after you stopped by my blog). :) That was awesome story! :)

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