The Fourth Judge: Week 3

Before I start my Week 3 recap, here’s an update on the “I Love Comments” giveaway:

There are currently 365 approved comments. Only 35 more to go, so we’re about half way there. Keep ’em coming!

Now for the recap.

Monday night was “story night”, so each couple had to tell a story with their dance. Mostly this meant a lot of elaborate props and not much story, but Len behaved himself pretty well, considering the circumstances. There was a lot less, “I didn’t like that bit at the beginning,” than I had anticipated.

Amazingly, I can’t find the scores online and I certainly don’t remember them off the top of my head. Nor do I remember the order of the dancers, but then, I’m lucky if I remember my own name by this point in the week.

Jennifer Grey/Derek Hough

Jennifer and Derek opted for acting out a schoolboy crush on the teacher. Am I the only one who thought this was a little creepy? Maybe it’s every boy’s fantasy to have his hot teacher rip her shirt open and gyrate around the classroom with him, but – call me a prude – it was awkward for me. Dance-wise, Jennifer maintained her high standards, but I didn’t see much growth. “Good” has become the expectation for her. Now we need to see “fantastic”.

Florence Henderson/Corky Ballas

The waltz suits Florence much more than the faster dances, I think in part because the longer skirt hides the awkwardness in her legs. Corky dumbed it down for her this week with some very simple choreography and they practically box-stepped it around the room. It was well done and touching – they danced to the beautiful Edelweiss from The Sound of Music – but I’ll say it again: I don’t think she can hang.

Kurt Warner/Anna Trebunskaya

I thought Kurt’s foxtrot was much more captivating than anything he’s done so far. He played the cheerful character to Anna’s “negative Russian” (her words) and his bright smile was very convincing. He had a nice rise and fall movement to his dance. Must have been the tea party.

Margaret Cho/Louis Van Amstel

The flashy rainbow costumes couldn’t cover up all the mistakes that Margaret made in her samba. She lost it about halfway through and never got back on track, despite all the stutter-stepping. Stutter-stepping ruins a samba. The dance also failed to tell a story, which was disappointing for story night.

Kyle Masse/Lacey Schwimmer

She poured him a cup of coffee and then Kyle waltzed Lacey right out of the coffee shop. The End. The waltz doesn’t suit Kyle’s personality, so it wasn’t his best dance, but it was still fairly well done. I thought his posture was a bit hunched, which didn’t look graceful, but he moved around the floor well.

Brandy/Maksim Chmerkovskiy

The judges gave Brandy high scores (whatever they were) and praise for her samba, but I thought it was a little reserved. I’m still waiting for her to pop! I think she has it in her – her movements are beautiful, but they almost seem stunted at times, like she’s afraid she’s going to fall off of her high heels.

Audrina Patridge/Tony Dovolani

Let me just say right off that I didn’t appreciate the military widow theme of this dance. Not because I have a soldier overseas, but because I thought Audrina and Tony were using it to get votes and that felt wrong. Am I being oversensitive here? Too bad. That being said, the dance was executed beautifully. It was flowing and graceful and Tony did a nice job telling the story through the choreography.

Mike Sorrentino/Karina Smirnoff

“The Situation” tries so hard, but the end result was only that he and Karina danced an entertaining but totally awkward foxtrot. It was a every bit as cringe-inducing as fingernails on a blackboard.

Bristol Palin/Mark Ballas

Critics were really hard on Bristol’s foxtrot, but I didn’t think it was that bad. It was a bit lackluster, like all of her performances, but well done. It would be fun to see her really cut loose, but I think she’s going to get just plain cut before that happens.

Rick Fox/Cheryl Burke

Rick stole the show with his barroom samba. The audience loved it and the judges loved it (did Carrie Ann actually squeal?). Okay, fine. I liked it too. Rick has been a pleasant surprise.

I had a hard time picking the celebrity I thought would get booted this week. It could have been a four-way tie between Florence, Margaret, “The Sitch” and Bristol, but I had to choose one.

My pick to go home this week: Margaret Cho

Who actually went home: Margaret Cho

Woo! I’m two for three!

2 responses to “The Fourth Judge: Week 3

  1. I think it would have been more tasteful to have done just a military couple missing each other or just being reunited, not a widow with her ghost husband… thats just depressing!!

  2. My DVR was full so I missed the last half of the show. I didn’t see Rick Fox perform but I might need to find it on the interwebs. I love him! I’m sad Margaret Cho went home but it needed to happen…she wasn’t that good. But she tried hard and learned a lot about herself during this competition.

    I didn’t find Audrina’s dance to be very good at all. It didn’t touch me in the slightest and I didn’t think she was in touch with the character. I didn’t feel it. It was just “eh” to me.

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