A Doggone Good Time

Owen and I went to the dog park today.

Owen loves the dog park.

At the park

I love the dog park, Momma!

He particularly likes to bark at any dog that he feels isn’t behaving properly.

Barking Owen

Hey you! Knock that off!

Especially poodles.

We hadn’t been to the park all summer because of Owen’s shoulder issue. I was afraid he would be a putz and strain it running around with the other dogs.

But this was a special trip. We met a friend there.

This is Biminy.


Hi Biminy!

Biminy was in Owen’s first-ever obedience class. She was also in his Canine Good Citizen class.

They both failed the test at the end. It was nice to have company in the FAIL department.

But, Biminy is a very good dog. See? She knows how to sit.

Biminy sits

Sit, Bimmy!

Actually, they both know how to sit. See?

Owen and Bim sit

Sit, dogs!

Owen failed the test because he wouldn’t lie down. You can’t use treats, so he had no motivation. And, there were birds. You really can’t do anything with Owen when there are birds around.

Biminy, I think, jumped on the trainer. Just once. But it was enough to fail her. Give the girl a break. She was only about 18 months old at the time.

Anyway, except for a brief encounter at the Strut Your Mutt, Owen and Biminy hadn’t seen each other for several months.

They were happy to be reunited. They ran, they played, they barked, and when they got tired, they took a break.


Taking a break.

Owen also got to see Biminy’s mom. He loves Biminy’s mom. She gives good butt scratches.

Owen and C

Ooo! That's the spot!

What dog doesn’t love a good butt scratch?

It was a fun day!

And…if you think Biminy is as cute as I do, you can vote for her to be the “Face of the Strut”. Her Strut Your Mutt picture is one of twenty-eight that are up for the contest. But really, is there any competition?

Face of the Strut picture


Actually, there are some beautiful dogs there, but Biminy is still my favorite. If you’d like to vote, or even just check out the other dogs, please go to the AWS photo gallery. Biminy is number 011.

Vote for Biminy!


5 responses to “A Doggone Good Time

  1. We love the dog park too :) And Biminy is a very cute dog!

  2. How fun! We don’t go to the dog park since I think Marcello would start stuff with the other dogs and Allison would probably be mistaken for a squirrel.

  3. Awwww! Those pictures are so cute! And Biminy’s picture is awesome!

  4. Ahh, the dog park- it keeps me sane! I love to see the look on my dogs faces when they are able to run as fast at they can with other dogs and enjoy not being on a leash. I know I’ve told you before, but your dog is beautiful!

  5. Adorable story! And cute pics too – who couldn’t love Biminy. She definitely gets my vote. I love the pics of the two of them together especially.

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