Check Out My (Fall Favorites) Package!

Who doesn’t love to get mail? These days I mostly get bills and junk mail, so when I peeped the package that was sitting next to my mailbox this Saturday, I was thrilled!

Better yet, it was addressed to me!

And better still, it was my Fall Favorites package from my swap partner, Mrs. Mike over at The Year After!

(Just to remind you, Nicole at Flip Flops and Combat Boots hosted a Fall Favorites Swap. She randomly paired up participants and each was to send the other a box of “fall favorites” by October 9th. Be sure to click on the picture below to see what everyone got!)

Fall Favorites

Mrs. Mike must have been really on the ball to get her package to me so quickly. I, on the other hand, am a bad partner. I haven’t sent mine yet.

But before you throw things at me, I’m sending it tomorrow – honest! I just had to finish up a few things over the long weekend.

Now, on to the goods!

The first thing I did was to clear off the coffee table and get my camera.

Owen & package

Anything in here for me?

Then I had to clear out the pets so I could use the box cutter.

Mowgli and package

Can I have the box when you're done, Momma?

And then I started unpacking. Mrs. Mike’s items were all wonderful and intuitive and thoughtful.

First I pulled out some bold and bright decorations and two delicious-smelling candles. Fall is such an odiferous season, isn’t it?

fall decorations

Hello autumn!

 Let’s take a closer look.

Harvest Blessings

Love. These.

My camera gave these a bluish tint, so the picture doesn’t do them justice, but they are painted in perfect fall colors. And they have glitter. I love glitter.

Next I found these.

Owen's toys

Beef and pork!

Mrs. Mike, you are too funny! You remembered Owen’s cow fetish!

(And, yes, I am a mean mom. I made Owen wait until I took pictures before giving him the squeaky cow. Once I finally did give it to him, he carried it around the house for the rest of the day.)

St. Christopher medal

Then there was an Army key chain (awesome) and a St. Christopher’s medal. I will be sending this to T with a prayer to protect him and his men as they begin the redeployment process.

book and journal


In a recent post I mentioned that I was lost spiritually, but searching. Mrs. Mike included this book – The Purpose Driven Life – and a journal to help me in my search. (Thank you.)

And now, for the pièce de résistance.

Mrs. Mike has a business called Kaylee’s Kloset. Remember how I told you that she makes wonderful ACU-based clothing for infants and small children? And remember how I said they were so sweet? And remember how I asked her, only half-kidding, whether she made anything in adult sizes?


ACU apron

She does!

Isn’t it amazing? I have the hugest crush on this apron. I almost put it on while I was making dinner tonight, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to get it dirty!

Let me show you what I love about it:

dish towel holder

It's got a dish towel holder - brilliant!

red star straps

The straps are both bold and patriotic!

the button

Big, fat button - so cute!

contrast stitching

Beautiful red contrast stitching.

Kaylee's Kloset patch

Kaylee's Kloset patch on the inside.

Monogrammed card

Kaylee's Kloset monogrammed cards.

And this. This may be my very favorite part, though it is so hard to choose.

inside the card

The first ever Kaylee's Kloset apron!

Call me narcissistic, but this made the apron extra-special to me.

Mrs. Mike, you are so talented! The apron is absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you!

Hugs, Sarah


13 responses to “Check Out My (Fall Favorites) Package!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the apron…it needs to be added to her catalog…

  2. YAY!!! So glad you liked everything!!

    That cow dog toy I found seriously the day you put up the post about “cow country”, it was way too funny and perfect.

    I’m glad you like the apron! I always find myself trying to find a hand towel when cooking and they are always just out of reach, so I figured it would be most practical to throw a hand towel strap right on the apron! I’m glad you liked that feature too!! (And oddly enough, those “K” cards I had bought in bulk long before I even came up with Kaylee’s Kloset… “K” just happens to be my last initial too lol)

    And tell your poor kittens sorry I didn’t grab anything for them :-( I only saw you had kitties after I already packed the box up for you!

  3. Wow, you got a great partner, huh? I totally should have joined this, but I would have been right there with you with the package still waiting to be sent. ;) The candles look like they smell yummy. And it’s cool how those gifts are so thoughtful and unique to you (and Owen). I can’t believe your dog will wait patiently on you to allow him to have it–I’m jealous.

  4. Good lord that’s a lot of loot! Fun stuff!

  5. WOW! You got such awesome stuff!! I can not wait to get my package!! Enjoy everything!!

    Oh, and I always make Miley wait to play with her toys until I take pictures. I’m such a weird doggy-mom!!

  6. That apron is so cute! What a great fall package! :)

  7. Very cool! LOVE that apron!!

  8. Cute!! I’ve been really wanting an apron for a while now….If she adds it to her catalog I’ll totally buy one!

  9. Hey BTW… I tagged you on my blog!

  10. Wowee!!! What a great haul! Everything in that package is awesome! I love glitter too! And that apron is so stinking cute!

  11. My grandmother sent J a St Christophers pendant on a chain right before he left for deployment….it says “St Christopher protect me” on it. He wore it everyday overseas, and now that he is home…he is still wearing it everyday. I hope your husband loves his just as much :) That was a super sweet package!!!

  12. Aw, this story brought happy tears to my eyes! What a beautifully thoughtful and perfect care package Mrs Mike sent you. The cow toy for Owen was hilarious, and your apron is fantastic! I can imagine that this box of tricks kept a huge smile on your face for quite some time. How lovely and special.

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