We don’t have TV.

We have a TV, but we don’t actually get any channels. Not even the basic ones. This is fine with me because I’m sure we’d spend a lot more time on the couch if we had Dish or digital or cable or whatever it is that people have these days. (It’s been about twelve years since I’ve been in the TV market.)

What this means is that on Monday and Tuesday evenings, Owen and I go next door and watch Dancing With the Stars with our neighbors-slash-landlords. They are super-nice people and it is great fun.

But they have cats.

What does that have to do with anything? you might say to yourself if you’ve followed this blog for an extended period and therefore know that we also have cats.

What it has to do with is that Mowgli is sick. Very, very sick.

I didn’t even know that cats could get sick. I mean, I know they can get horrible things like Feline AIDS or leukemia or cancer, but I didn’t know they could get just a plain old cold. Only in the cat world they call it an “upper respiratory infection”.

Whatever it is, Mowgli has it. The poor little guy has boogers billowing from his nostrils almost constantly like two tiny yellow balloons. He occasionally coughs, but mostly he just sounds like a mini Darth Vader walking around the house, trying to breathe.

I wipe his tiny nose for him and he gurgles and blows snot bubbles and meows pitifully.

Cat boogers

Cat boogers.

The thing about it is that URIs are contagious from cat to cat. (So far Jackie is fine.) So we’ve been quarantined to our side of the house until Mowgli is feeling better.

And no DWTS for me. At least not in real time.

So, instead of posting a longer blog entry…I’m going to go watch this week’s episode on abc.com so that I can write and post my (admittedly late) recap tomorrow.

If you feel like reading more, however, hop on over to lovely Mrs. Mike’s blog, The Year After. After much patience on her part, she finally received the Fall Favorites package I sent her and she wrote a really cute post about it, complete with even cuter pictures of her son Maks.

Oh yeah, and remember that amazing apron she made me? She’s started selling them on her Etsy site. AND she makes purses now, too. So go check it out.

She’s awesome.


5 responses to “Quarantined

  1. Oh no, I hope Mowgli feels a wee bit better soon – not least of all so that your TV routine can resume! Cats can definitely get horribly sick with URIs – in the UK we collectively refer to it as “Cat Flu”, but I’ve never heard that term used over here. I had to readjust with some new veterinary terminology when I relocated here for work 10 years ago! It really is horribly contagious to other cats though, so you are very wise to do the quarantine thing. Thankfully most adults shake it off well, especially if they’re vaccinated.

  2. In people world it is called UTI as well.

  3. I meant a URI, oops

  4. Poor little kitty! I hope he feels better soon!

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