Bored Much?

Tonight when I got home from work, I walked in the door and was immediately greeted by this sight:

Shredded Dog Bed

What the hell?

We’ve had Owen for almost a year now. Every day when I go to work, I gate him in the kitchen with his bed and a toy.

He has never, ever touched anything that does not belong to him. I’ve left him alone with slippers and leather shoes. I’ve even left a plate of muffins wrapped up on the counter. He hasn’t touched it.

I can leave him alone in my car with a bag of dog treats or groceries in the back while I run into the store. He doesn’t touch them.

He’s almost too good to be true.

Until now.

shredded dog bed

Of course, technically, this did belong to him. I mean, it is his bed after all.

Was his bed, that is. Now it’s a heap of torn cloth and foam scraps.

dog bed destruction



10 responses to “Bored Much?

  1. I used to come home to that every day with our cattle dog. He had separation anxiety and would rip apart anything he could reach when he was alone. I blame myself, I made him go through a five day straight drive from PA to WA and from living on a farm to in a tiny apartment. He lost his mind! Hopefully Owen isn’t developing separation anxiety! Maybe he misses his daddy? :-(

  2. *PS: we would crate Bravo (our cattle dog) when we would leave him, and that helped a LOT. Made him feel secure and in his own little space I guess. He would occasionally still rip apart something in his crate too, but rarely.

  3. Welcome to my world. Glad I’m not completely alone. Our entire downstairs has to be dog proof. One of my dogs will chew on anything…ANYTHING! Lately, he has been opening the bathroom door himself and getting into the small trash can in there. Gross. Dog beds were retired from our list of things to purchase many, many months ago. He lost all privileges!

  4. Mo: Please do not be angry with Owen. Imagine spending your days cooped up alone in a room with nothing to do. In prison it’s called solitary confinement and they save it for the worst offenders! Isn’t there some way or some place you could take him that would change the situation? He is by nature a pack animal.

    • An: I’m not angry with Owen in the least. In fact, I laughed, though I was a little disappointed that I’d have to buy him a new bed. I realize he is bored (hence the title), but I am at work only three days out of seven. On those three days my neighbor usually takes Owen for a walk mid-day. She has not been able to do that this week…but I’m pretty sure my dog will not retain any lasting emotional scars from his ordeal.

  5. Ha!…A little latent frustration, you think? I like the ole boy even more now. Way to go bud.

    Remids me of a Bassett we had when I was a kid – gnawed wood – all the wood in the house…corners of cabinets, baseboards. even the rails on the deck. Must have cause $40K in damages to that house…

    …at least Owen is considerate enough to confine his rampage to his own stuff…

    …so far…

  6. LOL!!!! Well…you knew he was too good to be true. He had to have some imperfection sometime right???

  7. Owen is perfect. He is a dog and just got a bit bored or mad. Hey, we all do things like this ourselves. We act out, yell and scream, throw things, etc. My kids cause more $$$ than Owen did. I still love my kids and you, of course, still love Owen.

  8. Uh oh! When I saw the photo, I immediately thought “Did Tiddles go walkabout?”. Tiddles is my cat and she LOVES to tear sh*t up at home! All kinds of things…….It obviously gave you a laugh of sorts seeing this though – maybe Owen is giving you a warning, hehe! Hopefully he is back to his calm and collected self now though!

  9. Haha! This is exactly why my dogs don’t have beds with any kind of stuffing in them. They have a pile of blankets in the corner… and all of the blankets have holes in them. Oh dogs.

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