The Fifth Judge: Week 7

Mowgli is better and Jackie is still fine, but we remain under quarantine. For this reason (and because we don’t have TV), I have continued to watch Dancing with the Stars when it is posted to Since it is posted on the day after the live show, my recaps continue to be later and less timely.

But, as they say, “better late than never”. So…

Welcome to the recap of Week 7: The 200th episode!

This week, each couple had to perform their interpretation of an iconic dance done by a DWTS alum. Said alum would squeeze in next to Carrie Ann at the bench to be a guest judge for the performance. Hence my title change for this week.

Each pair got an out-of-40 score that was then added to their out-of-30 team score.

For the team dances, the remaining six celebrities split into two teams: one captained by Kristi Yamaguchi and one by Apolo Ono. Team Kristi danced a cha cha cha to her freestyle song of yore (for a total of 24 points) and Team Apolo danced to his (for a total of 27 points). Team Apolo did out-dance Team Kristi, but then, they had both Jennifer and Brandi. The deck was a little stacked.

Kyle Masse/Lacey Schwimmer (35/40 +24)

Kyle and Lacey interpreted Mel B and Maks’ “Free Your Mind” paso doble. Talk about a lot to live up to – that dance was hot. Kyle’s dancing has been a little disappointing over the past few weeks but Not This. His paso was everything a paso should be: sharp and intense. He did a great job. Finally!

Kurt Warner/Anna Trebunskaya (34/40 +27)

Following in the footsteps of alum Emmitt Smith, Kurt really captured the character of his tango. It was his saving grace, because his dancing and posture is still a bit awkward. Len said that Kurt needs to learn the difference between bent knees and flexed knees and he does. He was almost squatting through parts of the dance, but I have to give him a break for that. My husband did the same thing when we were first learning the tango – it’s not an easy dance!

Bristol Palin/Mark Ballas (33/40 +24)

Kelly Osborne was not one of my favorite dancers because she was a gigantic whiner and she had no drive. Everyone thought she “blossomed” but I thought she lacked consistency. I guess it’s fitting that Mark and Bristol danced an interpretation of her and Louis’ Viennese waltz because the one thing that Bristol ain’t, is consistent. Other than being consistently inconsistent, I mean. Her dancing is still so frustratingly spotty: there are beautiful moments and then there are blank moments. Fortunately, Kelly loved it despite the fact that she modestly admitted that Bristol had some “really big shoes to fill”. Um…what?

Rick Fox/Cheryl Burke (37/40 +24)

The Jolly Green Giant (aka Rick) and Cheryl got Helio and Julianne’s quickstep. You know, the one where Len called Helio – who was dressed from head to toe in a yellow tuxedo – “a great, big dancing banana”. Rick and Cheryl’s green version was almost as entertaining. Rick really worked on the “character” this week and it did look like he was having fun, but I thought he lost some technique in the process. Helio – also modest, as always – told Cheryl she was smart to put in so much of “his” dance. Julianne Who?

Brandy/Maksim Chmerkovskiy (27/40 +27)

Brandy and Maks danced to Gilles and Cheryl’s foxtrot and it was wonderful. She was elegant, smooth and sexy. Brandy really did have some big shoes to fill and she more than filled them. Gilles was gracious and gentlemanly and passed all the glory on to Brandy, disproving Tom Bergeron’s theory that the chair didn’t have a modesty sensor on it. Brandy remains the frontrunner.

Jennifer Grey/Derek Hough (37/40 +27)

This interpretation of Drew Lachey and Cheryl’s tango was a comeback for Jennifer. In the dance, we saw a semblance of the amazing dancer of the first three weeks. The tango was beautiful to watch and much better than last week’s crazy paso, but it still couldn’t hold a candle to their first tango. I hope that Jennifer’s body holds up and she can give Brandy and Kyle a run for their money. Otherwise, the rest of the season is going to be pretty boring.

My pick to go home this week: Bristol the Pistol

Who actually went home: Rick Fox (wha…?!!)


5 responses to “The Fifth Judge: Week 7

  1. I don’t even watch Dancing with the Stars, but I LOVE your recaps.

  2. Hehe, I echo Annoyed’s comment! I found myself desperate to find out whether Bristol Palin finally got booted off the island this week when your post appeared! Can’t believe she’s still flailing around out there though.

  3. OK, I’ve made a start on a blog, albeit a primitive start!

  4. I stopped watching the show about 2 weeks ago, but I can’t believe Rick went home before Bristol! I wanted to so much to like her, but she just wouldn’t get into it like the rest of them. Rick was one of my top faves :(

  5. I’m so sad that Rick Fox went home! What can you do??

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