Pet Peeves

What’s wrong with this picture?

grocery bags

My husband has been away for over a year. He spent eight months of that year in a war zone and I haven’t seen him in six months.

On his way home, he’s met with delay after delay, including administrative issues, delayed flights and European snow storms. (On leave it was the ash cloud; the guy can’t catch a break.)

He was supposed to be home today. He’s not.

What does all this have to do with two bags of groceries, you ask? I’m glad you brought that up. Let me explain.

The connection is that, even more so than usual, and to quote WB, “I have no patience for stupid.”

grocery bags

Today, I brought to the grocery store, as I always do, three strong canvas bags with lovely rectangular bottoms and delightful shoulder straps. And the bagger and cashier proceeded (as they usually do) to pack my groceries in the least efficient manner possible.

My groceries didn’t all fit into the canvas bags, so the two ladies used plastic for the overflow. Fine. Wonderful. I need bags to scoop the litter box anyway.

But come on now.

In the plastic bag there are: two glass jars of salsa, three canned goods, a can of tuna fish, a glass jar of peanut butter and a glass bottle of cranberry juice.

twelve pounds of groceries

It weighed TWELVE POUNDS. (Not 120 – you can’t see the decimal point in the picture.)


In contrast, the strong canvas bag with the shoulder straps contains: two boxes of puffed rice cereal, a box of green tea, a plastic bottle of mouthwash and a plastic container of cashews.

Puffed. Freakin. Rice.


I don’t have a picture because it wouldn’t register on my scale without me on it, but trust me when I say it weighed 4.4 pounds.

It’s not that I’m worried about the plastic bag breaking. It’s that it is so much easier to carry that kind of weight on my shoulder, rather than dangling from my fingertips as the handles slowly stretch into thin wire that can slice straight through bone if held long enough.

Inept bagging is one of my personal pet peeves. I, because I’m completely OCD, try to make it easy for the baggers. I put everything on the belt in groups. The cold stuff all together. The paper goods all together. The meats all together. And so on and so forth.

Somehow these groups never quite make it into the same bags.

I recently started trying to put the heavy items on first in the hopes that they would end up in the canvas. It only works about 50% of the time. Those cereal and tissue boxes fit so neatly in the rectangular-bottomed bags that the baggers can’t help themselves.

Even more irksome is when they put the raw meat in with the fruits and vegetables. Um, ew. I can’t even blame it on the fact that my fifteen year old bagger probably has never grocery shopped before in his or her life. One summer I worked in a supermarket so I know that they get on the job training. Apparently, however, many of them don’t retain the information.

Actually, it’s not such a huge deal. It’s just that any lack of common sense irritates me more than a cat hair in my bra. And in my current state of excitement and anxiety, today’s incident blew the roof off of my patience. I needed an outlet.

Thanks for listening. Over and out.


8 responses to “Pet Peeves

  1. Oh. My. Zeus. I have HUGE issues with inept baggers and sadly, the worst ones are at our Commissary. I try to bag myself but they always insist and the tomatoes inevitably end up underneath the cans of chicken broth. I have to look away and re-pack when we get to the car. It’ funny that you mention this ’cause I’ve been working on a post about my pet peeves and bagging offenders are at the top!

  2. I always ask for my cold items to be in plastic, and my dry goods in paper. So when I get home with a cranky child I can just grab the plastic and let daddy get the rest out of the car. But it never works… and I end up with melted ice cream and rotten meat.

    I have reusable grocery bags I bought, and NEVER remember to take along with me. I mean green… and never follow through lol. When I had a dog I would use the plastic bags though, so I wanted to get plastic then… and when we had caged pets I used the paper bags so I wanted those then to use as well! But now we have neither so I should be using my reusable bags :-(

    And I just realized it is “snowing” on your page… I thought I was seeing spots from being tired at first. lol

  3. Ugh, what a pain. I’ve had zero bagging training, but even I know I’d find it easier dragging 12 pounds of stuff on my shoulder (& in a stronger bag) than lugging it along in a flimsy plastic bag. I’ve reached a stage in supermarkets now where I pretty much always hit the self-checkout so I can bag my own stuff just how I like. I can definitely relate to the OCD! Oh & I too love the snow on your page! Sorry T is still having difficulties getting home though :-(

  4. Look at your Christmas girl! I hate when I go to the grocery store and the bagger acts like I’ve kicked a puppy when I put my canvas bags on the belt. I used to go to a grocery store where the baggers would put your crap in plastic bags, THEN put the plastic bags in the canvas bags. WTF?! I stopped going there because they ticked me off. Thankfully I have 2 other stores that are a bit closer to my house.

  5. LOL! I immediately knew what was wrong with that photo! I pretty much always hit up self-checkout because I am convinced the baggers are out to get me. I’ve even tried grouping like items together on the belt with the hope that the cans will all be bagged together, the frozen items bagged together, etc… It never failed that the chicken broth ended up on top of the (now crushed) egg noodles.

  6. Drives me crazy. Even when I bring enough reusable bags for everything (I honestly have 25 bags) they somehow manage to pack at least 2 plastic bags FULL of the heaviest things on earth. WHY?!?!

  7. LOL! All I could think while reading this is that this girl is pissed. I’m sorry that T is delayed. I will keep my fingers crossed that he gets home soon!

  8. I actually tell them not to do that and when to stop filling a bag. I know they hate to repackage, but eventually they learn. Also, just because the bag has more room, doesn’t mean you can also fit 20 more items. I have tall bags and they try to see if they can fit your entire grocery cart in one bag. Don’t fret, speak up. That is what I do (politely and with some humor).

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