You’re Welcome

Our Christmas cards went out a bit late this year.

As in, we mailed them after Christmas was over.

Fortunately, they were more “holiday season”-oriented, so it all worked out.

Hey, I was busy doing other things, okay? Like my husband.

He was doing other things, too. (Geez! Get your minds out of the gutter, people!)

I suppose I could have mailed out cards earlier, but I wanted those newfangled photo cards that everyone sends nowadays with pictures of their baby/child/dog/cat/husband/wife/backyard/other miscellaneous object. And I knew what I wanted on it. Pictures from homecoming.

T’s military homecoming, I mean. Not the high school football game where each class makes a parade float and sends a girl out at halftime in a convertible wearing a strapless dress and smiling with her frozen blue lips while she tries not to be visibly miserable.

At least, that’s how we roll in Maine. Probably in southern states the homecoming queen candidates are warm.

The point is, since T didn’t get home until December 9th, by the time I uploaded the photos, then created, ordered and picked up the cards, then stuffed, addressed and stamped the envelopes, it was Christmas Eve.

At which point, the post office was closed for the weekend.

Monday we had a snowstorm.

Tuesday T forgot them in his car.

I think they finally got mailed somewhere around the time when the Wise Men would’ve been showing up in Bethlehem.

But they came out nice anyway. Well worth the wait, I’m sure. Not that anyone was waiting for them.

Here’s the final version:

Christmas Card 2010

Here’s the original version. The one that didn’t make the cut.

Original Christmas Card 2010

Ah, I crack myself up.

T loved it. He wanted me to use that one, but I thought it might be a bit too snarky.

Well, that, and I didn’t have the intestinal fortitude. I wasn’t sure it would be appropriate to potentially offend someone at Christmastime.

But it’s kind of how I feel.

Is that wrong?

What do you think? Which one do you like better?

Oh, and…Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2011 is good to you.


10 responses to “You’re Welcome

  1. “You’re Welcome.” I love it!

  2. Both of those are so awesome!

  3. Oh they’re fab! Well worth the delay, that’s for sure! And I think the “You’re Welcome” ones could easily have found their way to the right people who’d get a big smile from them! Love them!

  4. Those are so cute! You know for damned sure I’d send out the second one. :)

  5. LOVE the “You’re Welcome”!!!! You both earned it!

  6. Ha, I love them both! You’re far better than me – I’ve never sent out Christmas cards in the almost-six years I’ve been married. :) It’s so great to see pictures of you two together. I hope your holidays have been lovely. :)

  7. Your welcome is the best

  8. I think they are both great. I am just not organized enough to do cards, nor do I have the intestinal fortitude to be that snarky- lol. I wouldn’t have been offended by the snarky one though :)

  9. haha! That’s cute.

  10. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love the “you’re welcome” one! The cards are totally cute! I’m glad you got your pictures. And better late than never right???

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