The Jam Presents

Remember back in August?

I try not to. My husband still had more than three months left in Afghanistan at that point. I shudder, then am grateful he’s here. Even if he didn’t go to the dump today like I wanted him to.

But back in August, my mom and I, inspired by an uncharacteristic moment of patriotism on my part, made three kinds of jam: strawberry (red), white peach (white) and blueberry (blue).

red, white and blue jams

The plan was to come up with a cute way to package the 4-oz. jars and give these as gifts at Christmastime. (Thanks to everyone who shared their star-spangled wrapping ideas!)

As with the Christmas cards, I was a little late. With the help of my ridiculously talented mother, I just put the jams together on Sunday and distributed them at work this week.

I decided to go simple. My mom came up with the idea of putting three jam jars in a large water glass to make for easier wrapping. Once the glasses were locked and loaded, we used transparent gift basket plastic to wrap each glass, then tied it with a length of red, white and blue ribbon.

Actually, we tied it with burgundy, cream and navy ribbon. I wanted something more muted to match the jellies and look more holiday-ish. I thought the bright colors would look garish.

wrapped patriotic jams


I even kind of thought that the plastic bunched at the top looked like fireworks exploding out of the jars.

But that might be stretching things.

And I did worry that the muted colors might not get the theme across quite right.

Because now that my husband is home I need new things to worry about.

So, just in case…here’s a recap:

strawberry jam


white peach jam

White (peach)…

blueberry jam

And blue!


7 responses to “The Jam Presents

  1. Very cool! Wish I was as creative as you!!

  2. Yes, I remember the jam venture! I can’t believe it was “so long” ago, but nice that T is now home to enjoy the finished products too. They look lovely in those packages – I’ll bet they were a big hit. There is something very special about a home-made gift. A workmate of mine always gives me the most awesome baked goodies that she creates. Very special!

  3. I love these! I didn’t do jam this year because I’m lazy and I couldn’t find anyone to help me. Well anyone I wanted to spend time with I’m sure my 60 year old neighbor would have helped, but I didn’t want her help. I’m totally stealing this for next year though!

  4. That’s so cool!!! I love it!!

  5. I loved receiving them. Plus they are yummy. I really like the glass holder, thought I am surprised you didn’t lose a few with glass against glass.

    Much appreciated.

    Hi T

  6. Those turned out really well in my opinion! I’m sure the jam tasted great too! :) Happy New Year!

  7. Those turned out super cute!

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