Name That Mess!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game:

Name That Mess!

Okay, so it’s not everyone’s favorite game. In fact, most people never heard of it because I just made it up now.

But it could still be fun.

See, what happened was that T was helping me cook dinner earlier this evening. You may remember that he is almost completely inept in the kitchen, so for that reason, I started him with – what I thought was – a simple task.

Our definitions of “easy” can differ.

When I looked over to see how things were coming along, I did a double-take and shouted, “What the heck IS that?”

I then followed up with, “I have to get my camera.”

And so a new game was born.

Here’s how it works:

I’m going to show you a picture of T’s, uh, creation. And you have to guess what it is.

Leave me a comment with your guess. The first two people to correctly identify the…thing…will each win a $10 Amazon gift card via email.

The answer will be revealed tomorrow evening.

(Provided I still have internet then, as there’s a storm headed our way. Snow date will be whenever I have internet.)

Good luck and…

…Name That Mess:

T's Food Creation, View 1

And just in case you needed another look:

T's Food Creation, View 2

Who’s hungry?!


20 responses to “Name That Mess!

  1. I’m going to guess rice. Whatever it is, it doesn’t look very appetizing!

  2. 1. rice
    2. pasta
    3. oatmeal, grits or cream of wheat…

    When I looked at these pics all of the above came to mind LOL

  3. my guess would be mac n cheese…. but he added the cheese with the shells before draining the water?!

  4. I’m going with Malt-o-Meal.

  5. Would it be peanut butter fudge

  6. Ugh, that looks seriously gross! Im guessing mac and cheese or mashed potatoes of some sort.

  7. Methinks couscous with a packet of Swiss Miss…

    ..And I can almost detect a hint of a melt-proof power bar on the bottom.

    …not an MRE…but getting there…

  8. Risotto, but I KNOW he wasn’t making it. Sorry, please don’t invite me to dinner anytime soon.

  9. Oh boy, that is hilarious. Some kind of soup? LOL

  10. Cream of mushroom soup

  11. Gulp! is the best name I can come up with and by that I mean some type of fish chowder.
    It looks like mine

  12. Cream of some young guy!!!!!

  13. I am going to go with over-boiled potatoes? Way, way, over-boiled. Looks, um, wet.

  14. It looks like a rice pudding or horchata. LOL! Whatever it is…it does not look appetizing. I can’t wait to hear what it was.

  15. Canned soup

  16. Brown Rice

  17. This is my official answer (submitted with the required 3 box tops):

    “Yuck in a pan”

    It was made in a pot, which is why it turned out so bad. If it had been made in a pan, as the name implies, the results might have been better.

  18. looks like anemic gravy, but it is scary

  19. Thanks Sarah! I’ll put it to good use!

  20. Hehe! I’m too late to guess, but that looks awesome!

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