Mess Demystified

I am absolutely flabbergasted.

No one guessed. A couple came darn close, but not a single person hit the nail directly on the head. T managed to render his concoction virtually unrecognizable and I’m rather frightened of what that says about my husband’s cooking (dis)ability.

Now, without further ado, here is the moment no one has been waiting for…

(except for Laurie Loo, who called me to demand I post the answer or call her back immediately)

…The Mess Demystified!

Or is that “De-mess-tified”?

Anyway, the answer to last night’s culinary conundrum is:



To be fair, T was actually cooking “spaghetti-style brown rice pasta”, which is a little more starchy than regular wheat-based spaghetti.

spaghetti-style brown rice pasta

But not so much so that the cook should find himself in possession of a pot of goo with the consistency of boiling wax. In fact, if you use enough water and don’t add oil, it comes out great.

I’m just saying. Those are things you might want to avoid.

Happily, the spaghetti was salvageable. We were able to rinse all the starchy stuff off and it tasted just fine.

Greek chicken with spaghetti

Though you really don’t want to see what the bottom of the pot looked like. Let’s just say the words “belt sander” came to mind.

*T, who has been an exceptionally good sport during this contest, would like me to note here that there are some things he can cook quite well. This is true. He makes a wonderful French toast (which doesn’t do me any good since I can eat neither gluten nor dairy), he is better than me at eggs and has also been known to make a very tasty chicken piccata.*

Now, onto the important part: Who gets the prizes?

Several folks posted more than one guess, but, to be fair, I looked only at the first item listed in each comment. That being said, the closest guesses were “mac and cheese”, but T and I both agreed that they weren’t quite close enough.

So, what to do?

I thought about awarding prizes to a couple of the funniest guesses, but that seemed too subjective. I’ll share those later, however. Instead, I decided to go with the good ol’ random number generator.

And the two picks are:

Random #1


Methinks couscous with a packet of Swiss Miss…

..And I can almost detect a hint of a melt-proof power bar on the bottom.

…not an MRE…but getting there…


Random #2


Cream of mushroom soup



Congrats, guys! Your prizes are on the way.

Now, for a couple of the guesses that made me laugh the hardest:


Would it be peanut butter fudge

No, but it sure looks like it, doesn’t it?

And one “guess” that was not posted as a comment, but that was sent to me via email by a coworker:

Wood Glue


Thanks for playing, everybody! This was so much fun.

And I needed some fun.


3 responses to “Mess Demystified

  1. Bummer, I missed the boat on this post! I’m glad it turned out OK in the end though.

  2. Love it! I’d never have guessed either! Glad all tasted wonderful though.

  3. Hahahaha! Wow! Glad the meal was salvaged though!

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