Disney here we…come?

Military deployment isn’t easy. I may or may not have mentioned that before in this blog. I’m pretty sure I have, so I don’t feel the need to expound upon that statement. Besides, many of you have experienced it yourselves, so you are well aware that it’s not all fun and games. In fact, there is almost no fun involved and the only games are the head games the Army plays.

To make up for some of the poopiness of spending the last year apart and in a stressful situation, T and I have decided to treat ourselves in a number of ways, one of which is to take several “mini-vacations”. The first was our long weekend in December at Bear Mountain Lodge, one of the best places in the whole world and, incidentally, the one where we eloped.

Bear Mountain Lodge

Bear Mountain Lodge

The second mini-trip is a long weekend in January in…

…Disney World!

The happiest place on earth.

Only I wouldn’t know. Because we’re not there yet.

You see, I’m travelling with my husband, who must have been a discourteous passenger in a previous life. That is the only logical explanation for the travel curse he appears to have picked up over the past couple of years.

Two years ago it took us over 20 hours to get to Hawaii for our honeymoon, rather than the expected 14.

As part of the Advon party, T left for Afghanistan 10 days ahead of the rest of the company. He arrived one day before everyone else started showing up.

Perhaps you are familiar with the story of his trip home for leave last May?

When coming home from Afghanistan this December, T’s group took so long that the last group caught up to them in Manas…where they were delayed again.

He just can’t seem to go anywhere unhindered.

Which is why, instead of landing in Orlando right now, ready for sun, fun and Mickey ears, I’m sitting in front of my computer in my fleece pants, blogging.

I don’t really blame T. If I were going to blame anything, I’d blame this:

Snowy trees

This most recent storm only put about three inches on the ground where we are, but it socked in everything south and our plans for a connecting flight have been delayed, cancelled or delayed again.

We’ll try it again later tonight, so keep your fingers crossed.

It’s the risk you take travelling in Maine in January. But we’re missing our whole first day there…and it’s not a very long trip to begin with…and that makes me feel like this:

mad face

Drat you, Old Man Winter! Drat you!


8 responses to “Disney here we…come?

  1. Hope you get flights soon! Have a magical time:)

  2. So sorry. Hope you do get out tonight. Yeah, sun is coming out. Come on people, what is a little snow. These people need to get to the land of “make believe”.

  3. That sucks! I really hope you guys are able to get out tonight! Dang, that just sucks!!!

  4. I hope you get going soon!!! And when you get there I hope it’s a blast!!

  5. Bummer! But have an amazing time once you do finally make it down there. And I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at in Old Man Winter but that photo is awesome! :-)

  6. Oh bummer! As much as I love winter and New England, I know that living around here in winter can be a nightmare when you are trying to get out for any reason. Missing out on valuable vacation days is a real downer too. Hope you are maybe there by now, although given yesterday’s weather, anything could’ve happened. It was interesting to hear how much you love Bear Mountain Lodge – finnily enough I was looking at their website before Christmas, pondering on us heading there for New Year! Good to hear such a great review about the place – hopefully I’ll get to visit at some point in the future.

  7. Awwww what a bummer! Hopefully you’ll still be able to go! We’re thinking of going there later this month.

  8. Oh no! That stinks! We’ve been snowed in for the last couple days here. Luckily we had nowhere to go (other than The Hubble needing to go to class, which was cancelled, and that’s not a bad thing). I hope you made it after all!

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