Guess What

Guess what?!

If you were my husband you’d take this opportunity to say, “You won a million dollars?” And I would roll my eyes and say, “Um, no.”

Fortunately – for you – most of you are not my husband.

So, do you give up yet? Okay, I’ll tell you! Today I’m guest blogging over at New Girl on Post! Melissa is taking a break from her Adventures in Italy while she and her husband take a 16-day tour of Europe. (Not that I’m jealous.) She recruited some folks to help her keep the blog fires burning and I made the cut!

Well, it’s not really like there were try-outs or anything, but there are some pretty fab-o bloggers lined up for the next two weeks, including Michelle at Annoyed Army Wife and Jessica at {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife, so I feel like I’m part of an A-list.

Please head on over and read my guest post. I know it’s really good because when T read it he said, “Okay. So, what’s the point?” Exactly what every writer yearns to hear!

While you’re over there, check out New Girl’s blog and don’t forget to stop back by over the next couple of weeks to check out the talent!



5 responses to “Guess What

  1. Haha! Your hubby is quite the character with his witty one-liners! I enjoyed your post over there (of course). And you definitely are an A-lister!

  2. I will have to read it. Note for “T”, your lovely wife is not a group of hard-core military men…be nice. She is a great writer. :-)

  3. A-List! Ha!

    Most days I feel like I belong on the Bravo show “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List”! But today, I’m going to bask in my A-list-ness. Thanks for making my day! =)

  4. Aw, you are too sweet! I loved your guest post. It was just the light-hearted humor I needed today!

  5. Nice! If you were my husband…you would have responded “chicken butt!”

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