A T-Shirt and a Haircut

Our last day at Disney was more like a half-day. Our plane was scheduled to leave at 3:30 in the afternoon which meant Disney’s Magic Express would pick us up in front of our hotel at 12:30.

By the time we savored our breakfast (guess where?) and crammed our dirty laundry into our suitcases, we didn’t have much time. We spent a few minutes taking pictures of our hotel and – again – marvelling at the thoroughness of the theme (Africa) and branding (Disney).

I guess this is what happens when you visit Disney as an adult?

From the earthy-looking animal tapestries that hang behind the registration desk:

registration desk

…to the wooded-carved ostrich statue lamps…

ostrich lamps

…to the very shower curtain in our bathroom…

shower curtain

…everything was tribal or Mickey or both. Sometimes I felt like I was living in one of those Highlights magazine Hidden Pictures where you have to find the shapes in the drawing. It became almost a contest between T and I to see who could point out the most “hidden” branding.

I won. Obviously.

The lobby is vast.

AKL lobby

But there are cozy corners. In one such corner, there is an area rug enclosed on three sides by comfy-looking couches and armchairs. The fourth side showcases a large, low to the ground TV that plays mostly older Disney cartoons 24/7 (more branding).

tv area

Look at the little stools! So cute. We saw kids here often. I also caught T staring at the TV more than once as we stood in line at the concierge’s desk.

By 10:30 we decided we’d better get going if we were going to hit one of the parks one more time. But which one? T had seen a t-shirt over in Liberty Square that he’d wanted, but the store was closed when we were in the Magic Kingdom the night before. Up to this point, he hadn’t wanted many of the souvenirs that I’d tried to buy him – or they hadn’t had his size – so, despite the fact that I’d had almost all I could take of the MK, we got back on the bus and headed over.

We got the shirt then wandered back to Main Street USA to check out some of the shops.

Oh look! There’s a barber shop!

barber pole

Isn’t it funny how they try to make it look like an actual town? I mean, they even named this barber shop, just as if it were a real place.

Harmony barber shop

Harmony barber shop. Hm. I wonder why they named it that? Hey! There’s someone in there!

barber shop entrance

Let’s take a closer look.

T at the barber shop

Yup. That’s right. It’s my husband.

Because everyone gets their haircut while they’re at Disney World.

I mean, the least he could’ve done is add some glitter or get Mickey ears stamped on the back in blue. But no. Just a high and tight, no fade and a #2 on top.

Actually, the least he could’ve done is used a #3. I hate when he gets a #2. It’s way too short and it makes his ears look much more prominent.

Okay, I admit it! I told him he should get a haircut since a) we had time to kill, b) I was over the MK, and c) that way we wouldn’t have to do it when we got home. (We hadn’t had time before we left.)

But I never said anything about the #2.

As for why they called it “Harmony” barber shop?

The Dapper Dans

Meet The Dapper Dans. The quartet sung T a little tune as he was getting his head buzzed. I have video. But I don’t want a divorce, so I won’t post it.

As a result of my brainstorm, poor T had to suffer little bits of hair on his neck and in his ears for the entire trip home. Oops. Sorry, babe.

However, only our connector was delayed for 40 minutes, which isn’t bad considering T’s travel curse. So it could’ve been worse.

And that was our trip to Disney.

towel Mickey ears

Good-bye Disney!


8 responses to “A T-Shirt and a Haircut

  1. There are lots of hidden mickey’s all over Disney. You can find them everywhere. We like to try to find them when we’re there. There’s a book (and probably places online) that ell you a lot of them are:)

  2. A haircut at Disney is funny, but it’s even more funny that he got a high and tight there!

  3. That’s so funny that he went to the Disney barbershop! It was probably the most overpriced haircut ever, right? When I was a kid, it was like $5 for a pop! Craziness!

  4. Sounds like a great–and interesting–trip! Glad you guys had fun even with the few bumps you encountered.

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip. I’m rather particular about my hubby’s hair and your story reminded me of that. Thankfully, I figured out how to cut it, so I can do it just the way I want it (or if it doesn’t turn out right, then I have only myself to blame).

  6. Too cute! I can imagine how uncomfortable he must have been on the way home. I hate having to do anything but shower after I get my hair cut. Glad you guys had a good time though!!

  7. I tried to convince C to get his hair cut at the Main Street Barber Shop when we are at Disney in December for the same reasons you had T get his hair cut. I think C was scared they were going to cut a Mickey shape into the back of his head. LOL!

  8. LOL! The haircut story is hilarious! I love how he looked so happy in there too.

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