Pushing My Luck

The other night my husband was playing an online game and wanted me to join him. I told him I would if he got me some ice cream.

This is a lie. I was going to play anyway.

But he said, “okay,” and got up to go into the kitchen, so I took advantage of the situation. As he passed by my chair, I said, “In a bowl, please.”

Then as he was walking down the stairs I called, “With chocolate chips!”

I just love having my ice cream server back.

When he returned, he set this on the table for me:

vanilla ice cream in a bowl with chocolate chips

Vanilla ice cream, in a bowl, with chocolate chips.

Hm. Maybe I pushed it a little with the chocolate chips?


5 responses to “Pushing My Luck

  1. He. Is. Awesome. This is hilarious, tell T he totally made me giggle with that photo!

  2. ha, Doc has never thought to do that one…yet

  3. LOL! That’s fabulous – it just reinforces the fact that most men will take our words very literally at face value! That looks like a tasty treat indeed though. Glad you have your ice cream man back :)

  4. This is SO funny.
    Also, I love that they are Enjoy Life chocolate chips. We use those a lot around here because of my son’s dairy allergy – our commissary just starting carrying them (yeah!). So nice to see them on someone else’s shelf.

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