Because Nothing Says Romance like EconoLodge

This is our anniversary weekend. So, naturally T is drilling with the military.

The armory where T’s unit drills is almost a three-hour drive from where we live, so coming home in the evenings is not an option. In fact, he often has to report so early on Saturday that he leaves Friday night after work and he doesn’t usually get home until late Sunday.

I have this thing where I want to be with him on our anniversary. I couldn’t last year, because he was in Afghanistan. And before that…oh wait, we weren’t married before that. This is only our second anniversary.

So it is that I find myself at an EconoLodge somewhere in Maine on a rainy day in early March. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a March in Maine, allow me to elaborate:

The air is soaked with the dampness of melting snow and penetrates every layer with which you attempt to block it out. It is about 35 degrees, but feels much, much colder. The sky hangs low in a dingy layer of white, smothering any happy thought you ever had about spring and red-breasted robins and flowers, while mud from two months of salted roads runs in chocolate rivulets along high banks parfait-ed with alternating layers of sand and snow.

Here’s the view from our window:

muddy parking lot

It’s delicious.

The EconoLodge is, well, economical, but even so, after expenses T won’t end up earning much this weekend. That’s part of the reason we’re here. The other part is that we plan on celebrating next weekend. I just wanted to be with him now.

EconoLodge logo

You know, it’s actually not that bad. The room is tiny: there’s a bed, a dresser, a teeny table and not much else. There’s not even a closet. But it’s got a medium-sized refrigerator and a microwave. There’s only one sink, but the shower has a tub with lots of places to put your toiletries without having to bend into the water stream to pick them up (I hate that) and the water pressure is decent.

 More importantly, it’s clean and they allow pets!

Owen in our tiny hotel room

The pillows suck, but I went to Walmart today while T did his thing and picked up a couple of better quality. I also had trouble working out because there just isn’t room, but if that’s the worst thing that happens today, I’m doing pretty well.

Besides, if I stayed home, all I’d do is work around the house. This way, I have a little extra time to spend reading, writing and being lazy.

For a wonder T was released mid-afternoon, but his college aspirations make it necessary for him to study for his GMAT, which is coming up this week. So I’m blogging and he’s studying. If you read my last post, you would think smoke should be coming out of my ears, but he looks so darn cute that I really can’t be mad at the jerk.

T studying

So yeah. I could think of a few ways I’d rather spend my anniversary weekend, but there are compensations:

Compensation #1

Tonight, we’re going to get some delicious Mexican food and a little horchata (that’s a rice milk drink, pervs).

Compensation #2

He’s not in Afghanistan. He’s right here. With me. Where I can talk to him, hug him and bite his nose if I so choose.

Me & T at the EconoLodge!

That’s all the compensation I need.

Besides, I think two sub-par anniversaries in a row get me to Tahiti on our 5th instead of our 10th, don’t you?


8 responses to “Because Nothing Says Romance like EconoLodge

  1. Happy Anniversary. So happy you are at least “together” this year. Owen looks “happy”. LOL!!! I think a cake is in order….let me know.

  2. I came up with an idea for you both…you need to also celebrate your September anniversary. You probabaly do, but I don’t think “T” was around for that one either. Then you can relive the time when you had lots of people look at you and say nice things. Plus the weather doesn’t suck so bad as it does in March.

  3. I think you’re being too patient – Tahiti on your 3rd anniversary, for sure!
    All kidding aside, I think it’s really sweet that you put up with the adverse conditions so that you could be with your husband; I wish more wives would look at the positives.

  4. Happy anniversary!!!

  5. Ugh- I’m in the same position you’re in- the 3 hour drive to his drilling armory, which means Friday-Sunday is taken up. I don’t usually go to drill with him, although I did once at the end of AT- I missed the guy!

    Glad you’re still getting some quality time for your anniversary. :)

  6. Oh heck yes, you should be going there on your fifth! My Hubby was in A’stan last year on our anniversary too. But unfortunately since we’re moving,…again, we probably won’t be doing anything this year. LOL. At least y’all are together! Even if it is the EconoLodge. :P

    Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  7. Haha! “I can’t be mad at the jerk”! Priceless….. Happy Anniversary for last weekend – glad you were at least in the same state for this one, even if it was an EconoLodge affair. And at least Owen got to go along for the ride too.

  8. Perfect!!!! Though it’s not the most romantic anniversary, you still got to be together! Way to think outside the box and find a way! Our family motto is “find a way or make one” and you did just that! Great job!

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