Spring into…Winter?

Did I mention that it’s not really spring here yet?

Outside Thermometer

At 9 o'clock this morning...

That’s fresh snow on my still-frozen Christmas decorations. I’m hoping they’ll thaw sufficiently so that I can have them down by Easter. But if not, hey – this is Maine. Some years we’re lucky if they’re down by Memorial Day.

Heck, some folks leave ’em up year round. Minimizes wear and tear on ladders, not to mention the storage space saved.


4 responses to “Spring into…Winter?

  1. On the second day of spring it snowed here. It already melted, but I was not pleased.

  2. Hehe! It always makes me give a second glance around here when I still see Christmas decorations up in the summer! At least this time of year you get a free pass when it’s still snowing.

  3. Haha. I don’t have your snow excuse for leaving my Christmas decorations up. A couple of years ago, we left them up so long that our gardeners *had* to remove them from one of the shrubs because the bush was growing around it. Oops.

    Hope it warms up soon!

  4. I cannot imagine living in Maine. I’m sorry…but no. Upstate NY was enough for me. I’m annoyed because it’s 31 here right now. There’s ice everywhere. Just last week it was in the upper 70s. It’s 82 degrees where my family is. It’s not fair. Boo!

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