Flipping through Memory Lane

So, we got this great new coffee table book.

Mowenackie: The First Year

It’s absolutely fascinating. Really well written, fabulously witty, wonderful photos – the whole bit.

Wait. It looks eerily familiar.

Oh yeah. ‘Cause it’s me.

Let me explain. I started this blog last year on our one year wedding anniversary as a way to stay connected with my husband while he was deployed.

my first blog entry

I wanted him to see what was going on back home and to know some of my thoughts. This was my “virtual paper” first year anniversary present to him.

This year, my idea for a second anniversary present was to get the previous year’s blog posts printed and bound so that we would have a tangible record of our deployment journey.

book dedication

I used the Blog2Print service. It was a bit pricey, but I’m pretty happy with the results.

table of contents

My heart leapt the day our mail lady knocked at our house. When I opened the door, she was already halfway back to her car, but she gestured to my feet. I looked down to see a book-sized box on the steps. I snatched it up and ran to the kitchen for scissors.

I instantly got lost in the pages of memory.

Right in front of me was the rainy spring when I made Owen a raincoat from a black trash bag.

page - Owen's raincoat

Then there was my first guest post – by my husband!

page - T's guest post

And of course, the bestest day ever.

page - homecoming

Let’s not forget the ups and downs of reintegration, including a second anniversary spent at the EconoLodge, courtesy of the ever-accommodating military.

page - EconoLodge anniversary

This second anniversary post represented one full year of blogging. Which is pretty sweet when you think about it since I generally have the attention span of a gnat.

(Do gnats have small attention spans? Or are they just small themselves?)

back cover

 This book was a present that I thought out and re-thought out a quadrillion times. Was I getting it for T? Or was I getting it for me? I thought it was a nice theme to continue, but would he think so? I was so nervous when I finally gave it to him that I paced the room as he opened it.

He loved it. He thought it was very cool and he enjoyed thumbing through it as much as I had.

T is not much of a letter writer, so we don’t have stacks of yellowed envelopes tied together with satin ribbon that our ancestors will read through some day. Instead we have a book that our children can peruse to learn a little bit more about who we are.

If we ever have any, I mean. (Ouch. How did that get in there?)

If we don’t, I guess we still have it for ourselves. Sure beats those scrapbooks I’ve never started, despite collecting overflowing boxes of pictures, ribbons, markers and shape punches.

And when we have guests over, we can put the blog book on the coffee table. That’s pretty subtle, don’t you think? I think it’s a demure way to say,


Without actually saying it. Because really, some things go without saying.

me, Owen & the book

I’m just saying.


9 responses to “Flipping through Memory Lane

  1. Wow, it came out *so* well! I’m glad it came and it’s so awesome that you guys have a keepsake that you’ll cherish for years.

    Rob and I used to write a ton of letters in high school, in Basic, Airborne School, and before he deployed. I’ve saved all of his and vice versa, but they all end up sitting in a box upstairs! While in Russia I kept a written letter journal (since I couldn’t send the letters) where I’d talk about what was going on and write song lyrics that spoke to me. It’s been so much fun to look back on it and remember!

    Congrats and have a great night :)

  2. Great way to sum up some of your life. Keep it going year after year. Then when you guys are “really” old. you can share some great laughs and tears.

  3. therecoveringbrit

    Hehe, this is awesome, I love it! Funnily enough, I’m in the middle of putting together a photo book for Mark’s birthday. When he was deployed and we were penpals, I’d send him photos every week (since I’m a keen photographer & am never without my camera!), so I’ve been working to gather them all together in book form for him. Such a lovely coffee table book :) (Hopefully Owen doesn’t attack it!)

  4. That’s soooo cool!!!

  5. That is so cool! What a great idea.

  6. Love it! What a great way to document your history for future generations…

  7. I love it! I was going to send OccDoc monthly books of my blog, but I only made it through November. I love the idea of a yearlong book. Such a keepsake.

  8. Awesome! I want to do that too. You know you’ll have to reply and tell me how much it costs. :P
    That’s an awesome anniversary present. I gave J a leather-bound journal (for paper…the traditional first anniversary gift) for our first anniversary… which he NEVER wrote in. SO it was pretty much a waste of money. *Sigh*
    For our second anniversary, I made a stuffed animal (more for myself really) and named it Cotton…haha. I thought it was a clever way to get around the Cotton gift.
    This year it’s supposed to be leather… think I can get away with giving him the leather-bound journal again??
    Lemme know if you have any ideas. :P

  9. What an awesome idea! It looks like it turned out really well. I’m glad T liked it!

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