Baby Booties

I wear a size nine shoe. This is not terribly small in the world of woman’s feet.

My husband also wears a size nine shoe (in men’s sizes, of course). This is not overly large in the realm of men’s feet.

All of which may explain T’s constant amusement when he folds our laundry and, in particular, our socks. He thinks I wear “little baby booties”.

baby bootie socks

I have to admit that even I don’t understand the physics behind this sock anomaly. I mean, there certainly isn’t this big of a difference between the size of our feet in real life. So what’s with the socks?

Isn’t it good that we have so many interesting things to ponder in life?


4 responses to “Baby Booties

  1. I wear a size 8 and my socks are WAY bigger than yours. I think you buy munchkin socks.

  2. This really cracks me up for some reason. I wear a size 9 too and J wears a 10 1/2… I wonder why their socks are so large? We share a sock drawer and even though I have three times as many socks as he has, his socks still take up more room. lol.
    Ever notice how much larger men’s underwear are than women’s? His boxers take up a lot more room than my undies. It’s weird. My butt is definitely bigger than his. haha!

  3. therecoveringbrit

    Hehe, that’s hilarious! Yours are like those “magic” socks/gloves that have been around over the years that stretch ridiculously to fit you!

  4. Hahaha! The Hubble and I would ponder these things too so no worries. He thinks I have itty bitty feet (size 8 women’s) and I think he has mutant feet (size 10-11, depending) in mens. LOL!!

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