Happiness is a Box from Amazon

There isn’t much that can make me happier than a box from Amazon, especially when it’s filled with books.

The last two weeks have been hard. My thyroid levels have been low, so I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted, so I’m not exercising. I’m not exercising, so my anxiety levels are high. Put all that in a bowl, stir in lots of bad news, a pinch of PMS and a history of low-grade depression. Bake for an undetermined amount of time at 45 degrees and you pretty much have my spring.

As we wait to hear back from T’s graduate school of choice, I’m stressed out about our lack of direction. As we try to get answers, I’m saddened by our fertility troubles (okay, panicked). And P-Phil is a dirty little liar with his “early spring” BS because it’s been freezing cold here and yesterday it snowed.

Exercise is one way I cope with life’s curveballs. I’ve been too tired, so that’s not been helpful. Ice cream, as you’ll know if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, is another coping mechanism for me. Fortunately, as I type this post, my Cuisinart ice cream maker is spinning me a pumpkin coconut milk concoction that my husband and I will shortly be eating as we sit our fat asses in front of the T.V. (I said concoction. Hee hee hee.)

But there are other ways I deal as well. One I’ve not previously mentioned is books. When I get in a funk, I read books. Actually, I always read books, every chance I get. But when I get in a funk, I read comfort books, which usually means young adult literature. You know – the books I read as a kid; sitting on the porch with a popsicle, when the world was a happier place. And the deeper the funk, the lower my chosen reading level. I’m not kidding .When I’m reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8, things in my life are pretty fubar-ed.

Which is why one of the best parts of my week was getting an Amazon box in the mail. I savored every second as I slit the tape, pried open the flaps and drew out my precious bundle.

My preciouss.

First item:

Perfect Fifths

This is the fifth book in a series I’ve been reading:

Jessica Darling series

The protagonist is an angst-ridden teen named Jessica Darling and nicknamed “Notso” by her father. The series follows her through high school and college as she tells her story via her raw and perceptive journals as well as by her letters to her best friend, Hope, who has (symbolically) moved away.

I’ve read that the fifth and final book doesn’t live up to the first four, but I already own the rest of the set so I can’t very well stop short. That would be like leaving out The Deathly Hallows.

Next item:

Secrets for a Health Diet

If you don’t follow the Nutrition Diva’s podcasts, you should. She is the most practical, down to Earth nutritionist I’ve ever come across and believe me when I say food is more than an obsession for me: it’s a way of life.

Haha! Get it? I crack myself up.

But seriously, she’s brilliant.

She also wrote this book:

The Inflammation Free Diet Plan

Since I want to be the Nutrition Diva in my next life and since inflammation and autoimmune diseases are so closely related, I wanted to check this book out as well.

Next item:


I read Eat, Pray, Love and became enamored with Liz Gilbert’s writing (the movie didn’t live up). This is her next book. I’m reading it.

And finally. The pièce de résistance. The true measure of my week. The book I’m quite possibly the most excited about.

The one. The only. The prequel:

The Summer Before

That’s right. Ann M. Martin wrote a prequel to The Baby-Sitters Club series. I’m not even kidding. It came out in paperback on April 1st.

Yes, I’m 35 years old. Yes, I have a head half-full of gray hair. Yes, I have a full-time job and too many responsibilities and the stress-related ailments of the many adults who try to keep this ridiculous pace of the Western world.

But as a kid I spent my summers reading these books. My friend K and I once tried to start our own BSC (which failed miserably, I might add – but we had a lot of fun planning it). Hell, at one point I even kept a notebook where I started to rewrite the first Super Series book with myself added as the sixth sitter.

So, yeah. I’m going to read the book. And I’m going to love every flippin’ forget-I’m-an-adult minute of it.

And while we’re doing True Confessions, I might as well throw this in there:

The BSC Series

Shut up. You know you want to borrow them.

How about you? What do you do to defunkify yourself?


11 responses to “Happiness is a Box from Amazon

  1. I LOVED BSC growing up! If I lived near you I would totally borrow them and reread them:) Maybe I need to go see if the library has them….

    Enjoy your books!

  2. Well, I have to say, I am not a “series” kind of gal, but I have read my share. I also love to read…to escape. Though I don’t have as much to deal with as you my friend. I do love a good romance novel. Probably started from my first marriage, needed a little “get away and wish it was like in the books”. Now, I read mostly fiction, but love a strong woman character. She fights obstacles and sometimes wins (I do like when they mostly win).
    I love used books and seek out used book stores whereever I go.

  3. Girl, you crack me up. :) I’m sorry you’ve been going through a rough time. I totally get the reading thing, and especially books from childhood/young-adulthood. Also? Honest-to-goodness, when I saw the Baby-Sitters’ Club books I screamed out loud. So…I guess you could say I’m a fan. And super jealous of your collection. Happy reading! And please, give a thumbs up or thumbs down on the prequel for the rest of us drooling fans. :)

  4. therecoveringbrit

    Hehe, love your book collection! And at least you defunkify yourself in ways that are legal, so you shouldn’t worry too much! Thank God for Amazon……As for ms, I too use exercise as a way out. And food. So we kind of go full circle back to your nutritionist comment – I’ll have to look her up. But right now, I’m on my way to the gym….before I change my mind!

  5. OMG, a prequel? I had no idea. Boy Crazy Stacy, LOL! If I’m in a funk I read OccDoc’s medical books to figure out what’s wrong with me or to realize my life isn’t that bad. If I’m in a serious funk I need chick lit or food books (Michael Pollan is my go to), too. If I’m in a super serious funk I have to go down and sit with the bunnies and read a book from their collection. I read to them outloud because they always look up and stare at me when I’m talking. If OccDoc hears me talking from the bunnies’ room he knows I need some carbs and hugs like STAT.

  6. Um, I am kind of excited about that prequel…I LOVED that stupid series! :) (I remember tying to hide snacks around my room like Claudia, but I’m such a neat freak that it made me nuts and I put it all away!)

  7. I enjoyed Eat, Pray & Love, let me know how committed is. Did you ever read the Trixie Belden series… that’s one I remember reading as a kid.

  8. I am just as bad. At last count I have 6-8 totes of book. The books that have my all the moves from home, to college, back to Texas, to my house, back to my parents, to an apartment. The books I just can’t bear to let got. I love to read and I’m an official “book-aholic”; I’m so addicted. I loved it when I found out that I could REVIEW books from some of my favorite publishers and get the book for free BEFORE they made it to the stores….oh, no another way to feed my addiciction.

  9. O…M….Gee! Can I please borrow them? I have no qualms about reading young adult (or younger) books. I love the Dear America books (diaries really) and anything by Cynthia Voigt. You know this is going to make me rush out to the library just to check out the complete Betsy-Tacy series ( by Maud Hart Lovelace)… and don’t forget my all-time, just-ask-me-and-I-still-say-it’s-my-favorite-book book, Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman…
    now…where are my keys…

  10. a prequel? Are you kidding me? I’m so excited! I loved the BSC growing up and I’m proud to own the DVD of the movie, too which I just watched the other day. This book reveal post has totally made my day!

  11. I am insanely jealous of your babysitters club book collection!!!! It has been a million years since I read those. Maybe Little Butt will read them one day. (One can dream right??). I also loved the babysitter’s little sister books. So cool!

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