The Easter Buddy

Today was a busy day for the Easter Buddy.

Easter Buddy

He had to make his rounds and deliver presents.

Easter Buddy's pack

The Easter Buddy delivered presents to Grampie.

Easter Buddy and Grampie

And to Grammie.

Easter Buddy and Grammie

And then he ate some chocolate coconut cream pie.

chocolate coconut cream pie

Actually, he didn’t because chocolate isn’t good for Easter Buddies. But he did nibble on some ham and a little chicken as he rested from his labors.

The rest of us enjoyed this mouth-wateringly rich and decadent pie made with an almond meal crust (gluten-free) and coconut milk (dairy-free). Recipe courtesy of Elana’s Pantry.

So. Good. You gotta try it. Oh and it’s vegan, so it’s totally healthy, right?


6 responses to “The Easter Buddy

  1. I will have to try that pie! And your beast is adorable – Cypress would not have tolerated those ears!

  2. therecoveringbrit

    Adorable Easter Buddy! And I love that recipe – I’m definitely going to try that out – thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, Owen is the perfect Easter Buddy! I love his backpack of goodies! And if I baked I would totally try that pie.

  4. Hello from Alaska! I found your blog through Mrs K’s blog, and wanted to say a quick hi.
    The bunny ears are so very cute! And I think I am gonna try the chocolate cream pie this weekend :-)

  5. These last few easter’s the cat has been around, my mom & I have threatened to dress up my white cat as the easter bunny, but the claws, teeth, & her mean ways scared us too much. My brother visited from Chicago last week & drove back on Sunday, other than that, nothing too special. That pie does look good, now if only I baked.

  6. That poor dog! The things his parents put him through. ;-) LOL! What a cute Easter Buddy…and what a great sport he is!

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