Signs of Spring

At this time last year, I was impatiently waiting for my husband to come home from Afghanistan for his two weeks of leave. This year, I’m twiddling my thumbs and tapping my feet as I  wait expectantly for spring to come to Maine. Both waits have been excruciatingly slow and as maddening as driving behind a school bus when you’re late for work, but I won’t offer any opinion as to which was the worse of the two.

In both cases, the phrase “better late than never” applies. Thankfully, my husband got home then, and now we are starting to see some signs that spring is finally on its way.

The leaves are tentatively unfurling themselves, taking time to stretch like a cat after a nap.

spring leaves

The hostas are pushing up through the mulch beds.

hosta shoots

The flowering bushes are starting to bloom into vibrant firework-like displays of color.

flowering bushes

My chives are up!

Sarah's chives

Nothing says “spring” like a trip to Home Depot.

Home Depot trip

I can finally grow grass for the cats again.

cat grass

(Note: I have to do this outside. If I try to grow it inside, they eat it as soon as it starts to show green and there isn’t a place in this house that is safe from those two ninjas. Cat grass is very important to the health of my other houseplants. And my cats, when I find my peace lily ragged with teeth marks and leafy piles of puke on the floor.)

I think I can put the shovels away now.

snow shovels


Owen can spend more time out in the yard.

Owen in the yard

And let’s face it. A little sun does us all good this time of year.

How about you? What signs of spring have you been seeing? What does spring mean to you?

4 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. Isn’t spring in Maine the best? Sun, green, blue, no bugs…I love it! Today was stunningly beautiful! : ) Such a difference from even a month ago…

  2. When we lived in North Dakota I would wait till like July to put away the shovels, so sure that if I put them away earlier I would cause a blizzard. :) I love the pictures of the hostas.

  3. therecoveringbrit

    Lovely spring scenes! I can relate on the cat grass issue too – Tiddles LOVES that stuff, it’s like kitty crack for her!

  4. I don’t know…I would give it another couple weeks before putting away the shovels. ;-) I hope Spring sticks for you guys up there!

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