Smurf-P is not a small blue hip-hop artist who wears baggy footy pants. Nor is it a urine sample from a tiny person who lives in a mushroom house.

Smurf-P is the nickname given by my husband to a specific military team he recently joined. The proper acronym is CERFP (pronounced “surf-pee”), which stands for (and no, I’m not kidding): Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear, and Explosive Enhanced Response Force Package.

See? CERFP. It’s easy. And Smurfy.Brainy Smurf

Or Smurf-P, as the case may be.

Smurf-P and I are already at odds. The training that comes with my husband’s new role generally occurs on weekends that are not drill weekends. That means T is now gone two weekends a month instead of one. Since we both work fulltime, it’s not like we just sit around during the week soaking each other in. We’re working, commuting, running errands and doing housework. Weekends are when we’re supposed to relax, see friends or plan a fun activity together – in between laundry, taking the trash to the dump, grocery shopping and vacuuming up the dog hair and cat litter that threatens to bury the house on a daily basis.

What I wouldn’t give just to go see a movie with my husband.

As if that wasn’t irritating enough, this week is a full week of training for the Smurf-P. The training takes place near the armory where T drills – the one that is two and a half hours away from where we live. It doesn’t make sense for T to drive five hours a day for a full schedule of classes, so he’s staying in the area.

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In case anyone is new to this blog, I’ll also mention here that my husband got home from a year in Afghanistan last December. Oh, and he’s also National Guard, which means all this is in addition to his civilian job. That’s right. He’s not fulltime military, which means we don’t get housing pay, he doesn’t get health insurance through the military and he doesn’t get comp days for a drill weekend. The only thing we regularly get from the military is the shaft.

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Smurf-P. Sorry, got a little off-track.

Last week we were discussing T’s military plans and I got on a roll then, too. I commented on how often he’s been gone and will be gone in the coming months. I listed off this training and that inventory and this drill and that whatever. T ignored me as best he could, but when I didn’t get the reaction I was looking for, I kept going.

With as much distain as I could muster – using diminutives to minimalize its importance – I scoffed, “And what about your little Smurf-P-ness?”

Which sounded completely different out loud than it did in my head.

Good thing T doesn’t have a fragile ego.


6 responses to “SMURF-P

  1. therecoveringbrit

    Oh my God, that just gave me a huge laugh!

  2. HAHA At first I was like ‘what’s wrong with that?’ and then burst out laughing. Thanks for that :)

  3. Die. I. Die.

    Also? CERFP (SMURF-P) is kind of scary.

  4. Oh gosh! lol

    But all kidding and smurfiness aside, you know I totally know how sucky that Guard stuff is. :(

  5. Hahahaha! Poor guy… Don’t you just love the military. That sucks though that you guys don’t get the “perks” but you still get the shaft. Sorry you have to deal with that babe. :-(

  6. I feel ya. J was only home one week in April and he’ll be gone for almost a month in June/July for the WLC. (That includes missing our 3rd anniversary.) I’m pretty peeved about it. Sometimes the ARNG is just too inconvenient for my life plans.
    I hope y’all get to spend some time together soon.

    P.S. I added your FB blog page to my FB blog page. Awww. :)

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