Happy Memorial Day?

patriotic nail colors

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

While it’s important to remember why we celebrate this holiday, it’s equally important that we do celebrate it.

I’ve found it so easy to feel sad or guilty with all the reminders out there to “remember the fallen”. Yes, we must not forget that freedom has not been free. Yes, we should never forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, nor their families.

But the sacrifice must not have been made in vain. Those of us who remain behind should respectfully say a silent thank you. And then we should find joy in a long weekend, in being with family and friends, in firing up the grill and cracking a cold one and even shopping the sales.

I think they’d want it that way.

How about you? What are you doing to celebrate this weekend?


6 responses to “Happy Memorial Day?

  1. We added a new member to our family as our celebration! Dug the Golden Retriever Basset Hound mix :-)

    I am very happy to be celebrating this Memorial Day WITH my soldier, and not trying to avoid all the celebrations and TV broadcasts… wondering if I was celebrating a holiday in honor of remembering him – I hadn’t heard from him in a few days and I was away on a last minute vacation!! It was a nerve wrecking day lol

    I don’t know what we will actually do on Monday, just moved here so don’t know anyone or anything going on around here…

  2. I agree that balance is necessary! It’s so easy to go to one extreme or the other. Just because you’re enjoying a cook-out or the sales does not mean you’re not thankful!

    Love to toes & fingers! I’m spending the weekend working a little and hanging out with my puppy:) Did a little planting/weeding and am hoping we have more nice weather!

  3. Working on our business and helping out a local gift store with their marketing. Sounds like work, but I love to help them.

  4. Um, I’m getting inseminated so we’re just going to spend Memorial Day hoping it works. I am so happy to have OccDoc next to me this Memorial Day. One of his soldiers at the clinic is still missing (it’s been a few weeks) so we’ll probably spend a good amount of time thinking about and praying for his family. He went out for a hike, got lost, and now no one can find him. It’s a really sad story. On a happier we plan on making up some cookies for care packages to send to OccDoc’s friends who are still over there.

  5. therecoveringbrit

    I totally agree that we should be celebrating the great men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice – it definitely has not been in vain. I too often feel sad when listening to the stories from families, but am always thankful for the cheerful parades and concerts that accompany them – a good balance of somber reminders, and thankful celebration.

  6. Yes! It is a day to honor and remember the fallen. But also a day to be thankful for the life we are able to lead. If not for the fallen, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate.

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