Danger: Calories Ahead

Captain’s Log. Day Four.

The…attempt to…eat sugar free for…10-days…appears to…be going well. Despite a…minor setback…on Day One…our heroine seems to…have recovered nicely.

It’s better if you imagine it in William Shatner’s voice.

So, today was another leftovers day, but I do have an update on the Butter Cups. Before I get to that, though, here’s a quick recap: breakfast was NAVI (coming soon!) and a one-egg omelet with goat cheese. I’m out of good omelet veggies or I would’ve thrown in some spinach or peppers as well. Lunch was the salad of the day and more broc and mac. Hey, what can I say? I cooked the broc and mac Italian-style (i.e.: for an army). One serving left. Any guesses what lunch will be tomorrow?

By the way, since my salads are many-splendored and varied, I’ll be posting each day’s Design-a-Salad on my Facebook page. Go there if you are looking for new salad ideas. And because I’m awesome.

Dinner was the same as last night, but just as delicious.

And now, onto more important things. Like dessert. Tonight I made Alex’s Butter Cups. I had been waiting for my weekly trip to the grocery store to restock the peanut butter I left at work over the weekend. Unfortunately, when I went out today, I forgot my shopping list, so no peanut butter. But I couldn’t wait any longer, so I decided to try them with cashew butter. I wasn’t sure how I’d like that, since I have pledged my eternal love to the crushed peanut, but…they were amazing. Oh boy, were they amazing.

I’ll share my pictures, but I’m going to make you go to Alex’s to get the recipe – which you’ll totally want to do after you see these babies. Here’s the play-by-play:

After I made the chocolate mixture, I pressed the bottoms and sides into the paper liners with my finger. I’m not coordinated enough to use a spoon. After I added water, the mixture got grainy rather than smooth, but it spread just fine. These got popped into the freezer while I prepared the cashew butter.

butter cup bottoms

When they came out, I added a dollop of the cashew butter mixture.

dollop of cashew butter

And spread it out with my finger.

patted down butter

Then another dollop of the chocolate mixture.

dollop of chocolate mixture

Spread that smooth and press flat.

top of butter cup

Then back in the freezer. I left mine for almost 20 minutes, as they were still a little soft after 10.

finished butter cups

I was afraid the paper liners would stick to the cups, but they peeled off easily.

peeled butter cup

But how were they? How did they taste?

butter cup middle

Like that. Yeah. They taste as good as they look. Better, even. Alex is right – these do melt in your mouth. I can’t even imagine these with peanut butter. I’d probably spontaneously combust upon tasting them.

I’m so glad I only made half a recipe. These are healthy, but because they are made with coconut and nut butters, they are highly, dangerously, deliciously caloric.

Glad I bought a wheelbarrow at Lowe’s today. I’m going to need it for my butt tomorrow.


5 responses to “Danger: Calories Ahead

  1. How horrible is it that I didn’t even think twice about clicking on your blog because I loved the title so much?! haha well these look awesome, I LOVE peanut butter cups-definitely my favorite candy :)

  2. spoonfulofsugarfree

    OOOoooo!! They look fabulous! Thank for trying them :D

  3. That’s it, I’m trying those as soon as I get to the store to get some sort of nutty butter. :)

  4. therecoveringbrit

    They sound amazing! I’m trying to get out to the gym right now and these are not helping!

  5. And they are sugar free??? Incredible!!!!!

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