Odd Blog Searches – the Recap!

Last Thursday’s Twitter party was a grand success.

Well, I had fun anyway.

In fact, I had so much fun that I’m planning on hosting another #oddblogsearches hashtag party sometime in August. I’ll keep you posted. As it were.

I noticed that the WordPressers generally had more to report than the Bloggers. I don’t know much about Blogger, but it almost sounded like Search Engine Terms were only available for the past week? (Blogger bloggers, any insight?) In WordPress I can see my SETs for “all time” – since the start of my blog.

And they afford me no end of amusement. I mean, come on. Someone found my blog by searching for, “giant fake tree”? Or, “hopelessly shy”? (Okay, that one I believe.) Or, “what is the first word on page 157 of the me book by jade teta”?

But I got even more of a kick out of reading the SETs from other bloggers’ statistics. In case you missed the party, here’s a quick glimpse:

Gee, I hope Beth’s husband doesn’t find out.

Oh dear. Poor Amber!

There’s the million dollar idea.

Here’s an interesting fact:
But the Grand Prize winner for the evening, was Stacey from Tangerine Monday. Not that I offered a Grand Prize. If I had, though…

‘Nuff said.

Thanks to all who participated in the party. If you didn’t make it, don’t despair. Just join us in August!

(Follow me on Twitter for more updates.)

Did you participate in the party? What did you think? Any feedback?


16 responses to “Odd Blog Searches – the Recap!

  1. Sounds like it was fun! I’m definitely going to link up next month! Now, I’m off to figure out what the heck Stacey is blogging about. LOL!

  2. I had a blast. It was the first time ever I felt like the life of the party.

  3. Oh that’s hilarious! Sounds like a riot……..it is quite entertaining what people type into their Google search box……

  4. I missed the party, but I’m so glad you posted the recap! Hilarious!

  5. I was a little late, but I enjoyed looking back on others! Next time, I’ll try to be a bit more timely. Fun party :)

  6. Hi there, I ended up here after following your post on the Eco-Women blog. Reading through your posts about struggling with an autoimmune problem, I couldn’t help but think that trying the GAPS diet would help you. It’s a bit more complicated than just this, but mainly it cuts out grains and sugars and incorporates easy to digest foods to help heal your gut. Your immune system is largely housed in your digestive system and is adversely impacted by digestive problems. You mentioned constipation in one post – dead giveaway that your gut needs healing. This diet is hard to implement, but it is worth every bit of effort. The change in the health of my family over the last year is amazing, and the changes other folks have experienced are nothing short of miraculous. I am not an expert, nor am I try to sell something – just trying to spread the word about how important it is in our world to address digestive healing. Please feel free to email me for more info.

  7. LOL! That seems like it was a lot of fun! I will definitely have to play along next time.

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