A few random things About Me: 

I am a temperamental Italian-American with a flair for exaggerated expression. I once kicked in my car door in a fit of piqué. It was rusty anyway. 

When my husband first met me, he referred to me as “the cool chick” because I was a Star Wars fan, I had read The Lord of the Rings trilogy and I knew more about baseball than he did. I once beat him and two of his friends in a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. 

What can I say? I have an older brother who I always wanted to tag along after. Two decades ago, this was called “tomboy”. 

“Cool chick” has a nicer ring to it. 

For the record, I can also out-burp my husband and the only time his mouth is fouler than mine is during the first twenty-four hours after a drill weekend. 

Now that I’m thirty-five, I am trying to curb those last two traits, though with varying degrees of success. A lot depends on the weather, the situation, where I am in my cycle and whether or not the day ends in “y”. 

My husband and I took ballroom dance lessons for over a year until he left for his second deployment. It was great fun and the best marriage counseling there is: we had to discover and tolerate each other’s learning styles; we had to learn to work together and trust each other; and I had to relinquish control and let him lead. This is not easy for a proud, stubborn and independent woman…but it is a necessary lesson for a control freak like me. 

Music has the power to change my mood. I can listen to everything from oldies to classical and jazz to swing, but country music is one of my favorites. This serves as a constant reminder that making absolute statements is a bad idea. About 17 years ago or so, I said, “There are two kinds of music I will never like: country and rap.” I just pray I was right about the rap. 

Reading is my passion, my escape, my obsession. T is a reader too, and we have six overflowing bookcases at our place. It’s getting a little ridiculous, to be honest, but I love it. 

I met T more than five years ago. We’ve spent approximately half of that time together. We got married in March of 2009, and 2010 was the year we were hoping to buy or build a house and start a family. Instead, he was a half a world away and all I could do was wait. 

I hate waiting. (Name that movie.) 

As frustrating as all of that is, I would still rather be on this ride with him than be with anyone else in the world. I can’t be anything but glad – and grateful – that I met him. 




7 responses to “Howdy!

  1. Where in the world do you live??? It looks fantastic!

    I’ve been stuck in Virginia for a year and a half and am severely lacking in foliage and terrain. (We’re from Oregon, we know terrain). Thank goodness for a PCS to California in our very near future.

    Do tell!!

    And nice to meet you! Thanks for finding me!

  2. We also took ballroom lessons for an article I was writing for the Washington Post several years ago. While it wasn’t exactly the best time I ever had with my husband–he has two left feet which both got in my way–it was certainly among the top 10 in our 24 years of marriage. Thanks for reminding me, maybe we’ll sign up again.

  3. Love your blog! I randomly came across it by accident while Google-searching for post-deployment reintegration advice. Your story is so lovely & you’ve written it so beautifully and humorously. I’ve read everything and have run the whole spectrum from smiling to crying at different points. Lovely to meet you!

  4. Hi. :) I don’t know how I got to this page but I got to your blog from The Outdoor Wife and I have been reading around and wanted to tell you I think you’re wonderful. In that (totally non-creepy) way you can think total strangers whose blogs you read on the internet are wonderful. I’ll definitely be back. :)

  5. Not sure what took me so long to become a follower, but here I am! Mr. F and I have talked about taking some ballroom dance lessons or Italian or yoga together. We’ll have to look into it!

  6. Mike and I have been married for three years, “together” for four. He left for basic before we were even “together” (although everyone knew we were together before, we just hadn’t admitted it yet). And being Infantry he goes away for weeks at a time for training and field problems on a regular basis, sometimes month long ones. And then he left for a 12 month deployment right before our 2 year anniversary, so our entire 3rd year of marriage was spent apart! Distance makes the heart grow fonder! Well that’s what I keep telling myself anyways… haha

    We keep talking about ball room classes… when we were first married we said we would do it, but it just hasnt happened yet. And now we have a 2 year old… probably wont happen for a long while.

    I LOVE country! I am a redneck/hillbilly at heart. I would trade my new Buick SUV for an old beat up Ford truck if I could… but can’t fit babies and jogging strollers in them and I dont really need a truck here in the city *sigh* I am loving “Wildflower” by the JaneDear Girls right now!

  7. LOL I can outburp my husband, too!! And thanks again for the advice on Maine…I am poz that I will pester you to pieces with questions before I make it there :))

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