Mowgli puts the "Mo" in Mowenackie

Mowgli puts the "Mo" in Mowenackie.


Mowgli spends most of his days in front of the heating monitor and most of his nights in bed under the covers. Catnip toys invariably cause him to lick his own armpits. When he wants something, he meows – constantly – until he gets it or until we spray him with the water bottle, whichever comes first. He loves to cuddle and has a purr loud enough to sooth even the worst case of deployment blues. 

Owen puts the "wen" in Mowenackie.

Owen puts the "wen" in Mowenackie.


Everyone that meets Owen likes him. This is probably because he is a very polite and largely unassuming dog. (Although not as large as he used to be – he’s lost twenty pounds since we adopted him.)  My mom loves his freckles, the dog trainer admires his white eyelashes and Oliver likes his ears. Well, everyone likes his ears. It’s just that Oliver licks them a whole lot more. But then, Oliver is a Boxer. 

I love that he goes out of his way to make us laugh. 

Jackie puts the "ackie" in Mowenackie

Jackie puts the "ackie" in Mowenackie.


Jackie wears the passive-aggressive pants in this family. If we are in bed and she wants us to get up, she methodically knocks things off the bureau until we do. She’ll drop a deuce in the litter box, then step out, shaking each paw daintily as if she didn’t just reek up the entire house. Jackie is so quiet that you barely know she’s there, but somehow she always manages to get her own way. I can admire that.