Graves Disease

Five years ago I was diagnosed with Graves disease. My conventional doctor recommended a radioactive iodine treatment that would most probably destroy most if not all of my thyroid function. This suggestion not only went against my personal health values – it terrified me.

I have spent the past five years searching for a way to control my thyroid function naturally, with occasional pharmaceutical support.

One day, in a fit of frustration, I posted something of my fight on this blog. That post quickly rose to the top of my “most viewed” list, so I decided to share more. Here is my story. I’ll hope you’ll share yours. Please leave a comment on one of the below posts or email me at

Part I – A Grave Problem

Part II – A Grave Update

Part III – Thank You, Dr. Graves

Part IV – The Joy of the Blood Test

Part V – Gone Fishing

Part VI – How Low Can I Go?

One response to “Graves Disease

  1. Thank you for being so brave and open. I recently found out I have Grave’s Disease and am encouraged to see so many people who are fighting the fight by doing research and asking the unasked questions. I am blogging to share my experience. Thankk you for sharing yours.

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